You can make your own lactose free milk!!

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So for all of us who have a baby or toddler with lactose intolerance, I was searching the internet & found you can make your own lactose free milk!! Last night I was grasping at straws wondering why I am subjected to buying my toddler $$ lactose free milk at almost $5 a half gallon and read the side of the carton, it said milk & lactase enzyme. Hummm, I thought it was some big process, it's not!

I did some research & you can buy liquid lactase drops on line (these break down the lactose in the milk products) or on for $17.00 that will treat many gallons of milk. You add the right amount of drops to your milk, wait the right amount of time, which is as little as 24hrs for a pint or to be safe 3 days for a gallon & presto your milk is fixed and no more shelling out the serious cash for the store bought lactose free milk. I also found out fat free & skim milk have more lactose than whole milk. I will also be able to add this to whole fat yogurt and not have to fork out the money for lactose free Green Valley products.

So far I have found two companies that make this stuff, one is called Seeking Health which sells a liquid lactase drop which you can even add to infant formula, or Pharmax which used to sell a liquid, but now only sells a powder.

My little girl will projectile vomit if I give her regular milk, but with her only being 1 she needs the fat and calories. I will be buying the Seeking Health brand off of amazon today! I am so excited to try this.

Good luck ladies, I hope this will be a little help for us all!


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The best price I have found so far is off amazon, or you can go directly to the sellers website which offers more information & it gets a 5 star rating.

1 oz sells for $17.95 and will treat 12 gallons of milk. It states you can put this product in butter, cream cheese, and any thing dairy. The website is and it is the 1 oz lactase drops.

I have nothing to do with this website or product, I'm just super excited to purchase some thing that will help me expand my daughters diet and help me save some money. I think it is down right dirty the amount of money they are charging for lactose free milk when the process is so simple.

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