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Dear Mum If you live in the UK i just want to give you a piece of Advice. Please if you visit your GP when your child is ill and you know that it is more than something that would go with Capol please make sure you insist that they do a test to show what the child is suffering and insist for the medication you think can help. I lost my 8months old daughet from Chicken pox secondary to Sceptocemia. We were told that she will be fine and no medication was administered except for capol, when i requested for anti biotics i was told she does not need it since it was a viral infection. She died of bacteria infection. If only she was given anti biotics when i requested for it she would have not died she would have been alife today to celebrate her 4th birthday. A mum told me today how she almost loast her 7years old daughter, the little girl always complains of stomach ach. They will go to the GP only to be sent home with Capol this happened for 7years, a few months back, the mum insisted that she would like her stomach to be scanned, they refused, but when she keept shouting and screeming another Doctor requested a scan be done. Guess what happened, when the scan came through, aboyt 15 Doctors rushed into the room her daughter had been admitted without a word, they snatched her daughet took her itno the ambulance with so many Doctors, still without a word rushed her to Great Osmond Hospital. They took the litlle girl to the Theatre still without a word to her mum operated her. The they called the mum and told her that when the child was born, her intestine had deformity while she will stool, only a little of the stool came out of her anus, the rest was been stored in her stomach now the swelling in the child's stomach is actually stool for 7years. Imagin this madness. The Miracle here is how did she stay alive all these years with the stool. After the operation she has returned home 3months after feeling much better. At least this lady can still smile because her child is alive. Please for no reason mother's instinct is the best. No Doctor can change that.


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I am sorry for your loss. I think every mum knows there child better than a doctor and if you are not satisfied with their diagnosis then ask for a second opinion. In general though the NHS is fantastic and worth the tax payers money. But every now and again a tragedy does happen and it is very sad when it does.

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