You Know Your a Mom When......(a little humor)

Krista - posted on 07/22/2010 ( 21 moms have responded )




1) When you shower by using a baby wet wipe.

2) When you have an extra diaper in your purse.

3) When your shirt is wet and you haven't spilled anything on it.

4) It's eight o'clock and you are passed out in a rocking chair in your child's room.


Charlie - posted on 05/22/2011




You know your a mum when toileting is no longer private .

when you always have some strange stain on your shirt .

when your bag is full fo toys , nappy's , wipes , nappy rash cream....................wait .....wheres my purse ? never mind it is empty LOL

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Mary Renee - posted on 05/22/2011




I like Sarah's, and I have to add that while you're in line realizing you wore the same shirt yesterday, you also slide your tongue over your teeth and realize you didn't brush them this morning in a rush to get out the door.

Stacey - posted on 05/22/2011




When you say, "Beep, beep!" to a total stranger in a store cause you can't get your cart past them. What happened to excuse me?

When you and your husband decide neither of you really have the energy to get up and lock the bedroom door and decide to go back to sleep instead.

When you stop giving your friends excuses why you look so disheveled and tired cause you are just sick of repeating yourself.

When you can no longer go thru the drive-thru and spend 5 bucks. Last time they said my total was 43 dollars and looked around for a second wondering if I was actually at a fast food joint!

Mary Renee - posted on 05/21/2011




You know you're a mother when every single person at WalMart and at least half the people that live in your hall have seen your boobs or bra fully exposed when your 11-month-old decided she was hungry and pulls your shirt down before you could stop her.

When you let your one-year-old pull all your bras and panties out of the drawers and walks around with them around her arms like purses just because at least she's entertaining herself for a few minutes with out you.

Sarah - posted on 07/26/2010




You can't remember falling asleep and realise in the line at the store that yep this is yesterdays clothing after falling asleep on the couch!

Ashley - posted on 07/26/2010




If you wont buy a bigger purse (even though a new one is much needed) because it fits perfectly in the dipper bag.

If you have taken a #2 with a 2 month old on your lap, because he would just scream if you put him down.

If you actually make it to get your once a year hair cut and put it right back up in a pony tail, cause you cant stand having your hair pulled anymore.

If having poo on your hand is cause for laughter.

Christy - posted on 07/26/2010




If you can tell by the sound of a cry or a scream which child it is and wether or not it is serious all with your back turned and from five yard away.

If your daily diet consists of cheerios, fruit snacks, mac and cheese, and hot dogs.

If you leave the house to go shopping or out of town with out the kids, you keep looking around like you forgot something.

If the last book you read was made out of cardboard with pictures and only contained about 10 words in all.

If your favorite show on television is Phenes and Ferb

[deleted account]

When a baseball hat is your new current in a hurry hair do (or every day hair do).

If you have ever taken a shower with a two year old & your 9 month old.

When you don't even flinch at 6oz of baby formula being vomited into your hair & then you put it in a bun!

When you think it's great the baby finally took a poop & scream "oh pooo pooo!" with a smile.

If you walk around like a creature from the blue lagoon with a breast pump attached to you & don't care if the neighbors see.

If you have ever had anyone ask you "what's that sound" while your on the phone with them & it is actually your breast pump.

If you have ever heard a ringing from between your breasts & forgot you had hid your cell phone there to keep it away from the toddler.

If you have ever found cheerios or a pacifer between your breasts at the end of a day.

If you get to shower every 2 or 3 days it is a good thing!

Becky - posted on 07/23/2010




when you have a Dora bandaid on the cut on you hand, and it takes the guy at the grocery to point it out to you!

when sitting in a quiet house with a book becomes more appealing than going out to a noisy bar

when a good day means there was no "owies", no yelling, you weren't late & the house is still "relatively" clean!

Emilie - posted on 07/23/2010




-When you sing along to kiddie shows
-When you can go out in public and not care what you are wearing
-When you use the money on your kids instead of getting a haircut or buying yourself a new pair of shoes
-when you can talk about pee, and poop and vomit and snot without feeling weird

Kathy - posted on 07/23/2010




1. You know where every public restroom is and which ones are the cleanest.

2. No matter what age your children are, you aren't surprised to find some kind of food of your shirt.

3. Spit up is like perfume.

4. You can't ever go in the bathroom without someone following.

[deleted account]

When you stop caring about wearing makeup out of the house & just accept that you look homeless!

Connie - posted on 07/23/2010




when you eat gross things so you dont have to share!

when you dont hesitate to reach out and take chewed gum or wipe a runny nose!

when not having to share your drink is forgotten...

Claire - posted on 07/22/2010




You've experienced almost everything the other moms have listed.

You wear patterned shirts so the stains don't show (as much).

The splash pool is your soak before your manicure.

You have more and more creative answers to the 12 million "why?" questions from your toddler each day. Too bad they're only funny to Mommy...

Ice cream for (your own) lunch isn't a luxury, it's to make room for the frozen groceries...and you didn't eat breakfast anyway, so it also counts as your dairy for the morning...

You feel like you solely support the fine employees at Huggies and Folgers.

Your regular cashier at Target asks if you forgot diapers this trip.

Tiffani - posted on 07/22/2010




When you eat the cheese your toddler offers you even though it came out of thier mouth.

After leaving the house you realize you brushed your child's teeth and hair but forgot your own....eeewww...guilty....

[deleted account]

When you stop caring if you find a spot on your shirt after you've already left the house (and you stop trying to identify what the spot is).

When the song that gets stuck in your head isn't the latest top 10 hit, it's the theme from Play School, The Wot-Wots, The Wiggles etc.

When you get excited about going grocery shopping on your own.

Amy - posted on 07/22/2010




When you count down the minutes to bedtime because once the kiddies are asleep you get to go to bed!

You don't remember the last time you got to use the bathroom without someone yelling they need you or just walking in on you!

You are thankful when the kids let you pick the show on tv

You can't remember the last time you went shopping and actually spent money on yourself.

Kimberly - posted on 07/22/2010




When you've worn every bodily fluid that your baby has to offer...

When you're happy to see any adult...

[deleted account]

11)when your purse contains hot wheels and cheerios

12) When going to the bathroom by yourself is a moment of pure bliss.

13) When your bath is filled with foam animals, rubber duckies and other bath toys and to you it's normal.

14) When you KNOW never to talk to your son when he's peeing or risk having the floor soaked in pee because he turns around to talk to you WHILE peeing.

15) When getting up at 7 am is a "sleep-in"

Nikki - posted on 07/22/2010




9) When eating a HOT meal is cause for a celebration

10) When you shower while the kids walk in and out of the bathroom

S - posted on 07/22/2010




5) You can no longer get anywhere on time.

6) You have to find out if places have family bathrooms or nursing areas.

7) Everything you do revolves around nap and feeding time

8) No one cares how you're doing. They automatically ask how the lo is doing

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