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Emily - posted on 05/24/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




So me and my daughter's grand mother have been arguing a lot. I'm 19 and if i do say so a really good mom. i mean she even says I'm a good mom and I'm grown one second then the next I'm immature, stupid, ingrateful, worthless, and supposedly wild.. i don't see how I'm any of those things.. I'm in college


Lindsey - posted on 05/24/2013




I am also 19 years old and a single mother of two children and my ex boyfriends mother was always doing the exact same thing... I finally got sick of it and one day sat her down and told her I don't understand your problem with me... I am raising your grandchildren on my own because your son wants nothing to do with them bc he's a drug addict and alcoholic that I don't allow to see him... Now none of his family see's them bc they all came to my house starting a ton of crap but anyways just tell her exactly how you feel about the way she is treating you if she doesn't change tell her you either stop with the insults or don't bother seeing my daughter because my daughter does not need to hear all of these bad things you are saying about me it's not right and I don't appreciate it. Hope this helped and you don't think its to harsh that's just my opinion on it all.

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