Young Mom, first child, 37 weeks question!!!

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I'm new here, although I've been reading these posts since I found out I was pregnant. Ill tell you a little about my pregnancy so that maybe someone can offer some advice! :) I am 18, and I have been pregnant 3 times. Now before you judge listen.. Once was by a stupid mistake with an ex, not using protection. I lost the baby before I knew I was pregnant and time was february of this year, with my husband, despite our efforts of bc. (Pill, pulling out) I lost that baby at about 3-4 weeks pregnant, hospital confirmed and got pregnant immediately after only having intercourse once, I didn't even know that was possible!!! Anyway here I am 37 weeks on Sunday with a baby girl! My pregnancy has been high risk due to the previous miscarriages, spotting (4x) during this pregnancy, preterm labor stopped at 31 weeks and contractions starting into preterm labor stopped at 35. I have felt the contractions that start in your back and make your hips ache and move to the front and everything tightens and pushes, so I'm waiting for that as an indication of labor again!!! What are some other signs? I've been gaining weight slower (1 lbs a week compared to the 6lbs every 2 weeks I was gaining.) My stomach looks smaller from me looking down and I suddenly have to squat to bend down to get something (dropping?) I'm anxious to start seeing labor signs!!! What did you experience before labor? All and every detail there is no TMI! :)


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No one will judge you for miscarrying because that's not your fault, it's an out-of-your-hands thing that just happens and I hope you're okay because I imagine it was very hard on you.
And I actually have a fridge magnet from when I was pregnant, a health nurse gave it to me. It's signs of Pre-term labor but it's the same thing.
-Bad cramps or stomach pains that don't go away
-Bleeding, trickle or gush of fluid from your vagina
-Increase in the amount of vaginal discharge
-Lower back pain/pressure, or a change in lower backache
-A feeling that the baby is pushing down
-Contractions, or change in strength/number of contractions.
-A significant change in your baby's movements.

Some women actually vomit or get blurred vision.
With my first I was induced but with my second I woke up in the morning with cramps and went to the bathroom and I was spotting, went to the hospital and they told me if it got worse to go back. All day my contractions increased and then when I went in to have him. (I had an emergency c-section but that's a different story)

And keep in mind some women's water doesn't break, mine didnt until they did the surgery. But if it does when you're at home, go straight to the hospital! LOL

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