Young moms.

Lucy - posted on 11/01/2015 ( 5 moms have responded )




I'm a young mother. I'm not a bad mother. I know a mother who is twice my age and is a worse mother than me. I love my children and would do anything for them. Age is irrelevant when it comes to your capability of being a parent.
How can we rid this stereotype that all young/teen mothers are irresponsible, stupid, immature and bad mothers?
I'm new to this site, had a previous bad experience but I would love to make new friends.


Amber - posted on 11/01/2015




I'm about to be 21 and I have a almost 6 month old baby :) my husband's more of a baby then him! Lol. Age really doesn't matter, people will always stereo type us though but its ok

Dove - posted on 11/01/2015




If you know you are a good mother... don't let anyone's negative opinion get to you. You don't need to defend yourself against this... just live your life and raise your kid.

Age kind of does matter a little bit though. While I know teenagers CAN be capable of being excellent parents... it is never ideal to have a child while you are still a child yourself (not saying YOU particularly since I have no idea how old you are). Ideal or not I know it does happen and many teens can and do step up to the plate and do the best they can for their children.

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I'm sorry you feel judged as a young mother. Maybe just don't worry about what anyone else thinks? It's your life, live it how you choose and be the best mother you can be.

I will say, however, age isn't really irrelevant entirely when it comes to capability of a parent - this is more to do with the ability to take on the responsibility. Many (not all) teen mothers actually can't take on 100% responsibility of their children as they don't have the financial means, and some simply don't have the emotional maturity (in a greater percentage than older parents can). That's just a simple fact. Having said that, however, each individual case is its own and stereotyping a mother because of this fact is not appropriate.


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Ev - posted on 11/02/2015




I have to agree that age does not make the mother or father even. Its the ability to cope with handling being a parent, doing what a parent should, and maturity. I know of people who should not be parents based on their mental maturity and emotional maturity. I know some that are great parents. And the funny part is they are all ages. But it is harder on a teen or younger person to be a parent because of a lot of the circumstances involved. Those that are not going to do the best parenting are those that are not ready financially and with the mature enough mentality to do so. I personally know a young woman who is 22 years old. She has a 18 month old child. She admitted to her mother she got pregnant on purpose because her friends were having kids and she probably thought it would be cute to have a child. She had a hard pregnancy with pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes. She did not eat right or bother to follow the doctors orders to take care of herself with these issues. She ended up staying in the hospital for almost 2 months until the birth of her son because of this. Even now she does not get what it takes to really parent a child. She is learning, I will give her that but she is all about the cute factor of having a little one and I do not think she understands yet how fast they grow up. I also knew girls when I was a senior in high school one of which not only did her junior year work (she was a junior) but did the required senior classes via mail with a outside school source and had her baby with complications during the school year. We had a home economics class together about child development and the teacher took that opprotunity to talk to us about that in that class and the girl was more than willing to share her journey. She took on her responsiblities and was a success. And she was 16. So it can be done either way by the younger moms and it can be the same with the older moms too.

Raye - posted on 11/02/2015




There is physical maturity (being old) and there is mental/emotional maturity (being capable). You're right that some older people have not yet gained the emotional maturity to handle parenthood. But, statistically speaking, the older you are the better your chances of being a responsible parent. There are young people that do an excellent job, and there are older people that do a terrible job. But stereotypes usually come about because there is a group of individuals that do fit into that mold. If you don't fit the stereotype, then don't worry about the haters. Keep doing your best.

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