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Hello. My name is Jessica. I'm 19, I'll be 20 March 13, 2014. I have a 15 month old named Justin (after his father, whom I'm still with) he's a very smart happy child(:
I am 34 weeks pregnant, due September 11th 2013. Having another boy.
My babies father who is my boyfriend has a job that pays rent and bills, we struggle a little but who doesn't. I dropped out of school, I don't have a job, I've only had one job in my life.. For 3 weeks!! Pathetic I know! I was working on doing my GED but the quarter ended and I ended up moving to Whidbey island, in Washington state. I haven't returned to school, I feel like I'd love to have a job and make money but I lack motivation and drive to bust my ass! My boyfriend works so he can't babysit and I have no family where I live, anyone else know how it is to be struggling and do it anyways?? I would love to get my GED AND A JOB!!! But idk how to take the first step, any advise is much appreciated.


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You do have a job. Being a mom is a job. Don't underestimate the challenging and important work that you do as a mother. We used to live in Washington State. I know that you can't do the actual GED tests online there, but have you looked at online prep courses for the GED? Or even actual online or correspondence classes for regular high school courses? It's really important to make sure the program is legit, and it can be hard to study with two little kids I know, but honestly, you sound smart. I'm sure you can do this! You don't need to rush. Chip away at things while your kids are young. Maybe find some casual volunteer work you can do with little ones in tow. Before you know it your kids will be in school, you'll still be young, and you'll have more time to put into school or work then.

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