Young mother of a child with hydrocephalus ...HELP

Sierra - posted on 03/08/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hello, I am new to circle of moms but I have seen it plenty of times when i was googling things. I really just need some motivation, insight, and advice ! My son name is Robert, he will be three years old in April. He was born at 23 weeks, acquired a grade 2/3 brain bleed, and was diagnosed with hydrocephalus. He was in the NICU for 9 months straight, and has had 2 shunt replacements, due to infection and malfunction and one revision. Robert does not walk yet, but he does commando soot, and from time to time gets up on all fours. He does not get up into sitting unassisted, but can sit unassisted for a few minutes if helped. He is still on a bottle, but he will eat table/finger foods if it is fed to him. He will not feed himself. He mocks words from time to time, but can not make his needs known. He does receive PT,OT, and will resume speech soon. Moms, how long did it take your children to walk/talk ? I'm now in the process of having to put him in daycare, and i am having a very hard time. A lot of daycares say that they can not accommodate his needs. What can i do? Will he always be behind. I am a single, working mother. Can I please just hear some of your stories with your children?

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