Young, negative test, no period. Help.

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The last time I had sex was February 21, and my period ended on the 16 before hand. I don't remember any period after that. Its now the 24th of April and I have no period. About two weeks ago or so I had a faded blood in my urine, and also had brown/red discharge. It only lasted two days though, and right after I started getting a white discharge, and it would sometimes have a feminine smell to it. Last week I awoke in the middle of the night with horrible stomach pains, and couldn't fall asleep again due to the pains. I've experienced fatigue, stomach pains, I had the worst time eating for a few days and now I can't stop, back pains, headaches, and I can finally use the restroom (pooping) again. I took a pregnancy test, but didn't follow the directions. It came out negative, but my grandmother still thinks I could be pregnant. Has anyone experienced this?


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If you do not follow the directions for the pregnancy test exactly as stated it will always come back negative. So yes, you could definitely be pregnant. Get another test and actually follow the directions this time.

If that comes back negative, you need to go to your doctor because something is wrong. In fact, I would recommend you go to the doctor as soon as possible anyway because either you are pregnant and need medical care, or you are not and need to address the symptoms you are having. In either case they will do a blood test to determine pregnancy, which will be much more accurate than the OTC tests.

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