younger child hurting older child

Victoria - posted on 07/22/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




how can i stop my 2 year old from hitting her 5 year old brother and destroying his special things? i have tried time out ive tried ignoring it ive tried confiscating toys but she still continues this help please


Amy - posted on 07/22/2011




My son is 5 my daughter is 16 months, for the time being my son knows that if he has something special his sister can't play with because she might wreck it he needs to keep it out of her reach and out of her sight. He's older so until she understands to touch gentle he has to take responsibility.
As far as hitting she only hits him and plays rough with him because she gets such a reaction out of him. When she does it we tell her not to hit we give kisses and hugs. It's helped cut down on the hitting, don't get me wrong she still does it but when we say her name she'll go up to him and give him a hug! I would keep trying to reinforce the positive behavior and try not to focus on the negative.


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Katherine - posted on 07/22/2011




My daughter is 2 and her sister is 5 also. I just redirect. It's hard I'll had admit that. My younger one is always pounding on my older one. She does get time outs too. Really to no avail.
I usually move my older one away from her and tell her not to play with my younger one if she's going to act that way.

Sometimes removing them from the situation works and that's the only way. You really have to watch them from being destructive.

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