"Your baby can read", Does it work?? and if so can I get it for cheaper??

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I have been wanting this reading program for my son since I was pregnant. I have heard from a friend of mine, who is a nanny for a family that uses it, that the children are 4 and 5 and read chapter books! so I was wondering if everyone has had such success with this program and I was curious about just how many people use it also :) OH and any way to find it cheaper than $500....lol


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Ok...here goes. I am going to try to do this without commenting on this particular program.

I am an early Childhood Educator and there is significant advantage in exposing your child to language skills before they reach school age. In fact the earlier the better. Any program will work as long as the parent is prepared to put in the effort. All it takes is interactive & repetative exposure to the skills, explaination of what they are doing / seeing / experiencing etc and LOTS of practice over a wide variety of texts.

I would like to point out though that there is a HUGE difference between developing fluent "oral reading" skills & reading for "comprehension & meaning". Just becasue a child can read the words off the page, it doesn't mean they are understanding what they are reading.

Before investing in any program (coz I agree they are VERY expensive) research it thoroughly & make sure that it covers both oral reading or 'recognition' skills AND comprehension skills. Otherwise it is not worth your money.

You can do it just as effectively at home just by reading daily with your child, teaching him the letter names AND the letter sounds. Spelling out words for him in context around the place as you go about your daily life. Talking to him about pictures in books and all the time encouraging him to interact with language, ask questions etc.

There are a whole swag of sites you can find on the net which can give you ideas for activities to try.


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I never had it for my kids. I used to read to them every day, and I taught them to just love books, we did the ABC, sang songs, all these things help your child toward learning to read. My daughter just started school in February this year and is already amongst the top of her class in reading with noexpensive program. We joined the local library and have always had a lot of books around the house for us to read together. I wouldn't waste my money.

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Nicky couldn't have said it better. I researched it and decide I was better off doing it on my own and my daughter is reading phonetically (and comprehending) at age 2 1/2. It doesn't matter what "program" you use, if you're not interacting and doing it 100% with your child it won't work (i.e. sticking them in front of the dvd while you do chores). So if you're willing to invest the time why bother spending the money on a "program" when there are tons of free resources online and just plain old reading books, signs, or anything in words when you're out and about with your child will do the same if not better.

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I completely agree with everything Nicky said. And I will comment on the program...IMO it is a rip off...I feel they are only teaching your child to memorize words...I think you would be better off investing in a phonics type program. Good luck. BTW: I have not used the program.

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