Your potty training ritual?

Natasha - posted on 03/20/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a 4 month old who is breastfed, so I haven't been super strict with my son's potty training. I am getting him to sit on the potty after breakfast & after dinner, but that is about it. All other times he wears a nappy & he never asks me when he needs to go to the toilet. He has done both 1's& 2's in the potty no problem & he watches me put it in the toilet & he gets to flush. He isn't showing any anxiety & I ask him all day if he needs the potty/toilet. He even gets a reward for going in the potty.
I really have no idea how to get to the next stage.


Louise - posted on 03/21/2011




You have to be brave and commited to doing this. If your son is ready by showing all the signs of wanting to be clean and going long periods of time with a dry nappy, or trying to take the nappy off then he is ready. If he is showing no signs there is no point in even trying for a while. Start on a Monday and clear your diary for at least 5 days. Take him out of his nappy and put him on the toilet then place him into pants, do not use pull ups because to a child this is a nappy. Take him to the toilet every half an hour and place him on. Let him sit there 5-10 minutes and then take him off. Keep doing this until he either wets himself of pees in the loo. Then wait an hour and return to taking him to the toilet every half an hour. If he pees in the toilet then go overboard on the praise. The first day you will get frequent accidents so be prepared. Put him into pull ups at nap time only and then when he wakes straight to the toilet for a wee and then back into pants. By day three you should be seeing a marked improvement and he should be asking for a wee wee by then. If there is no improvement then he is not ready to train and may be waiting would be a good idea.

Just try and be patient with him, watch for facial expressions to indicate he needs to poop and take him straight to the loo. Normally poop is the easiest for a child to realise that they need the loo and is first to be successful. Do not be tempted to use the pull ups in the house as this just takes the wee away from the skin and they do not recognise the feeling of being wet. Toilet training is a long process but if you dedicate a week or so to staying in the house so your son has the best chance of success you will be rewarded with dry pants! Good luck

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