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Sarah - posted on 04/14/2015




Veggies. Most veggies are zero carb. Jell-o. Cheese. How do they have her carbs scheduled out? I feel for her. I have the gestational diabetes and just that is hard. For me the carb schedule is 2-3 for breakfast (avoid cereals as they tend to spike you even though carb count is good). Then snack is 2 carbs. Lunch is 3-4 carbs. and snack again of 2 carbs. Supper is 3-4 carbs. and then I do another snack 2 hours after supper of 2 carbs. If I am hungry between those times then I need to eat 0 carbs. I have no idea if her schedule would be the same or not. A couple of hints I have picked up.....things in high starch spike me....this might be different for others. So potatoes, bread I can't have. Good luck.

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