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Jaclyn - posted on 07/20/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi everyone I just joined and have been having a conflict for a long time and hoping some moms can help!

I am having my first child in a week and her father and I are doing great. He can't wait to be a part of her life and there are no problems.

BUT he doesn't want to pay child support - he is struggling to get by on his own. I also don't want to force him into that because I know he is going to be there as a father figure and buys anything when he gets a chance.

I originally was going to say to welfare that I had a one night stand and have no clue about the father so they won't go after him and I can still get the usual welfare support.

But he wants her to have his last name and wants me to say "the father left but I hope to find him one day so that's why I gave her his last name mixed with mine.". I don't feel right about this because I think they might try to locate him (he wants me to give a fake first name for him). If they don't find anyone with his name or I keep saying "that's not the right one" will they find out? And I don't know what kind of questions they will be asking me. I don't want to deny him his paper rights to his child but I also don't want (and WILL NOT) screw myself over.

In the end I am doing what is right for me & my baby - so would my story work better or would his story work?

I know it is wrong but please don't judge

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