What A Joy To Have A Boy!

Calling all moms with boys. This is going to be fun! Feel free to ask questions, share ideas and advise. Don't forget to share your funny stories. Mothers and sons have a special relationship. There will be ups and there will be downs but with the friends in this circle, you will never be alone.


potty training

When did you guys start potty training? and would u say if more difficult to potty train a boy or a girl? just curious..


Help with having a boy!

Hi, it's great to be in this wonderful community. I have 3 beautiful girls that i would not trade for anything in the world and I thank God for our lives. But I'm really praying...


Need help

I just had my 2nd child both boys.. my first son was kinda piggish... he ate and ate and ate.. NEVER spit up.. my 2 week old is spitting up alot everytime he eats.. the dr said...


Free Bowling For Kids This Summer!

Whenever I come across good info for moms like me I share it so here goes... If you are interested visit http://www.kidsbowlfree.com/index.php. The coupons are emailed to you...


is he mean

my son is 9months old and everytime i have him around another baby he pushes and hits them with toys, and laughs when they start cryin. he doesnt like it when they play with his...



Hi all mums. I am new to this so hi to all mums with boys. I have three boys and that is my lot for mankind. eldest is epileptic. middle one is autistic and dan my youngest eats...