What SHM Means

Acronyms frequently confuse a lot of people. If they mean the a college degree, a higher education or perhaps ridiculous short form of a word, you can be generally clueless in the case of all of these acronyms. There are plenty of acronyms that could cause you to like to go insane. And after that, almost all acronyms have many different definitions! Just one 3 letter phrase is SMH. Specified underneath are the different variants of this unique acronym. An entire form for SMH implemented as an abbreviation is 'scratching my head'. This is certainly probably the most typical full forms of SMH and it's usually put to use every time a person is puzzled or is clueless in regards to what the other person just sent in the message. Furthermore, SMH over the internet world may really mean 'shaking my head'. That is usually mentioned if the man or woman you are chatting with declares something so brainless that you have absolutely no words to reply with. From time to time, it could also signify 'smack my head', eventhough it still signifies exactly the same thing, which is, that you are too annoyed to respond to something absurd. So as a consequence, in the internet world, SMH could really mean both equally 'shaking my head' and even 'scratching my head'.