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hi all members my name is crystal I'm a 18year old mom of one adorable son i wasn't raised pagan (wiccan) but i have decided to be so as is my mother Keri of 5 (Scotty,Ashley,john ,Me, and Ronnie) saying that i know that its not easy raising a kid to believe in what you believe in especially if the fathers family has different beliefs or maybe none at all i'm here to help you as you can help me and other members here


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i am wiccan and my husband is a druid and his dauthger does not really like that and she is forced to go to church by her mom and grandma we told pick what she wants

Crystal - posted on 05/21/2009




thank you joleen...i have a 4month old son and i just recently got started in wiccan path a year ago with my mom i dont know to much about it but i like being one

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Hi crystal.

I am also a wiccan mom. I have 4 children and 3 of them have been shown the pagan path and they all know it is up to them to follow which ever path that they find that guides them. And the two older ones have chosen the pagan path. My 7 yr old does the rituals with me and knows the basics and when he is old enough to decide i will welcome his decision. My husbands family is catholic background but not overly so that they condem me or the path i follow which i am ever so greatful for. My ex on the other hand is quite skeptical and has made a few issues but then over time and his understanding and what i showed and explained to him has made him chill. And he is more relaxed and supportive of the kids choices. I have not forced the kids into their choice merely they read what i read and talked to other pagans and found that they really felt connected to this path. I am very excited to talk more with everyone here at this community and make great frriends.



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Hi Crystal,

I am the mother of a pagan daughter. I didnèt bring her up that way but she found her way on her own.I suppose I have been a pagan since I was a very young teen. I never really knew it tho until I was older. Things to ask yourself.......How did I learn about being a pagan? Do I want my child to learn the same way? Are you prepared to defend your choices when asked questions about your beliefs? People will ask and some questions may be difficult. I had people telling me that my child was a devil worshipper. I had to set that straight.When my daughter started showing signs of being a wiccan(which she could NOT hide) I asked where she was getting her info from. I was very open with her from the start. We also have an open question policy between us. I will answer any Question she asks if I can. I left her choice of religion or paganisn up to her. She would never have made a very good Baptist LOL. I am proud to have a Wiccan daughter :) I probably didn't answer many questions but I rang in more to support you in your path.

Take care


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