as soon as you say Wiccan or witch people always jump to the conclusion that your a satan worshipper where Wiccan as as far from the devil as you could possibly get its what most Brits were before Christianity its older than Christianity and no one as ever fought a war over our faith, We welcome all belief systems as we don't set ourselfs up as the only religion we let people judge for themselves by studying other belief systems. our most sacred law is and harm ye none everything we ask for in prayer we always end in and harm ye none so mote it be. Unlike Satanist I will enter a church and join in celebration and we do not believe in an entity called Satan as we believe that their are two sides to a human one is dark and one light and both exist in all of us most of us control the darker self however humans are capable of great kindness and great cruelty the are two sides of the same coin. we believe for every evil/bad thing you do come back 3 fold and likewise for every good thing we are rewarded 3 fold.


my sons wiccaning

Im trying to find a priestess that could help me with my sons wiccaning. does anyone know who or where i can look or ask

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Lammas Approaches

Well we survived the Baby Blessing and it was an awesome event held on the Mead Moon on July 15. Recovering from that, oh my, gulp, my turn to be HPS at Lammas.... geez how many...

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Sooo We are FINALLY having a Baby Blessing.

Merry Meet! We are celebrating the adoption of our little one and we are having Savannah's Baby blessing this month. We will formally present her to the Elder Gods, Elementals...

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Blessed be and merry meet to you all

A special Greeting to our Sisters and brothers in Canada for Canadian Day Also a Special Greeting for the 4th of July I hope you all have fun out their in the USA Especially all...

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Communication error re admin. of my group

Blessed be Group theirs seems to be a mis-communication and for some reason I have been down graded to moderator in my own group this is only a temporary and will be corrected...

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Go placidifly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence,as far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your...

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Summer Soltice is here, what are you doing?

Merry Meet Dear Friends, As most of you know, Julie will be spending some time with her local hospital and we wish her Goddess speed. Summer Soltice is upon us. The Goddess...

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Welcoming to all who are on their journey

Blessed be to all and welcome to all the newbies to this group, Whether your Wiccan/Pagan/Druid the list is endless we are on our own individual journey we are all seekers of...

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Merry Meet

Hi, my name is Jan and I look forward to meeting and being a part of this community. Litha Blessings!

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Blessings to you all at the time of the full Moon

This is a time of renewel, rebirth time to plant our gardens the Green man wakes ready for spring and all the beautiful things that brings why not try and plant using the Moon...

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Blessed Be to all new members

whether your Pagan/Wiccan or what pantheon you worship we are sisters and brothers Its this time of year when mother earth needs the most help its a great time to start recyling...

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What is everyone planning for Samhain( Hallowene,Old Souls Eve , This is one of my fav. festivals , Does anyone have a recipe for pumpkin pie and pumpkin soup?

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