Does anyone actually use this group?

Laura - posted on 08/19/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




I joined this circle last week and there doesn't seem to be much interest. I see posts of people new to the group and few if any responses. Is there a reason for this. I don't mean to come off as being ugly I'm just curious. I've been widowed for a little over the year and would like a support system of women who know what I'm going through. Here there are either my friends who are clueless or my husbands family who are grieving as I am. Any suggestions. I'd really like to connect with somebody. :)


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Ladies, I joined a while back but never post to the site. Losing your husband is hard as you all have expressed in one way or another. But I want to tell you all that as long has you have God on your side you can be an over comer. You may loose most of your material thing but keeping you and your family together is the most important thing. My husband has been gone for seven years and my sons have not wanted to talked about their lost. I had to just insist so we could all get past that feeling of emptiness. There is a huge hole in your life and your heart but God can and will take care of that emptiness. I agree with Terry, Wayne no longer governs my daily activites. He is no longer my only focus in life. But his lost does push me to want to do thing more on my own. Ladies, this takes time and you should not be angery at anyone who don't understand your lost. I know we are all busy but we need to take some time for ourselves. I don't check this often but if you want to chat let me know. I can use a support groung even after seven years. Blessings!


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Laura D. - posted on 03/23/2011




Hi, Laura. I, too, felt that way when I joined. But I haven't checked in as often as I should. I lost my husband Dec. 2009. It was unexpected. Our children were 13 (daughter) and 11 (twins) when he passed. I have felt very alone. But I am very thankful for having my children. They are the reason I have gotten as far as I have, because I do what I have to for them. My focus has been on them and their needs. I've been told that it gets easier as time goes by. Right now my belief is that it's learning how to live around the empty void he left behind. I'm not sure if my experience will be helpful, but I am open to talk / email anytime. I too would like to connect with someone who knows what I am going thru.

Tiffany - posted on 01/14/2010




It is hard to talk to people who don't understand I guess, but sometimes I feel like no one understands.

Kathi - posted on 01/13/2010




I am knew here too, I guess it has been along time since the death, and I think I went through every thing there was to go through, from dealing with a 9 yr old to losing my house afterwards. If I can be of any help to anyone let me know

Veronica - posted on 01/11/2010




Hey Laura - I just joined this group today - and hope do not run into the same that you have - I know that just reading the other conversations has helped me - Just to know that I am not alone has helped. Although I cannot say that the pain is "fresh" for me anymore - I had a long time to grieve before Greg actually died - I still have a lot of questions and problems that no one else seems to understand....

Terry - posted on 09/07/2009




I had the same feeling when I joined this group. I found that it helped me to scroll down the posts and read those that came from women in similar situations--age, number of children, type of death (sudden, long illness, etc.) then, I responded to them, and in that way was able to connect and share.

I also found that as time wears on, I check in on this group less and less. It's been 3 years, now. and although I haven't forgotton Brian, I find that his memory does not fill my every waking moment, like it did in the begining.

I hope this helps.


Michele - posted on 08/30/2009




I am sorry for the lack of response or posts on this site and welcome you to our community. It seems that most of the members, like me, have a hard time getting the free moment to converse or reply, as I'm sure you understand. Please feel free to request fellow members as friends to have a more intimate experience or post some topics yourself.

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