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Hi everyone.....My husband passed away on March 1, 08. He had a seziure disorder. He had a seziure then went into cardiac arrest and they couldn't save him. I was pregnant 8 1/2 months with our daughter when he passed away. A year later and I am still missing him so much. Honestly I can't even say if I have really dealt with his death. When he died I was pregnant so I had to keep it together so I didn't go into pre-term labor. And ever since I gave birth to Gracie I have been in Mommy mode. I have a great support system at home. But I am so lonely. It breaks my heart that my baby will never really know her daddy. We do talk about him almost daily. But really how much can a 1 year understand? But I have talked about him since the day she was born. Her favorite word is da da. Which I always response daddy is in heaven. I miss him so much. And how I wish he could be here to enjoy our daughter. Cause she is a joy. She brings me such happiness. She is the reason I kept going when my husband died. I know I am rambling but its hard to talk about this to ppl who haven't experienced it. I also moved 1000 miles away from home. When Chris died I was in TX he was in Indiana. He was tying up some loose ins and was going to be moving to join me soon. So I wasn't even there with him. I feel so guilty for not being there. I do have family here but haven't made any new friends yet. Well I think I have said enough for one day. Thank you all for listening.


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Terry - posted on 09/20/2009




I understand your pain. My daughter was 7 when her dad died suddenly. One thing I did was make her a memory chest. I had it at the funeral and asked his friends and family if they would write their favorite memmory of Brian for Tiffany. You could do this for your child. Although, she will never know him, she could get to know the person he was through the eyes of others.

hope this helps


Daphne - posted on 06/11/2009




Hi Bridgette,

I'm Daphne and I'm from Ireland. I was widowed 10 years ago this August and I know what it feels like... the pain, the loneliness and the "missing him". My John was 42 when he died of a massive heart attack while eating his breakfast with myself and our two boys (then 11 & 6) and our foster daughter (then 10).

I found a wonderful group online called Widowed Young... it was hosted by Topica. I'm not sure if the group is still running but it was definately a lifeline for me especailly in those early years. I will see if I can find the web address for it for you.

Chin Up girl... it does get easier.



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