My Husband died 3 years ago, when my children were 1 and 3.

Melanie - posted on 01/14/2011 ( no moms have responded yet )




My husband was an adrenaline junky, and had to have a motorcycle. Even though we couldn't afford it, I said okay he can get it, because at the time, I felt like he deserved it. 3 weeks later, he was going way too fast, lost control and spun out, hitting a curb, tree, car, and then pole. He broke his neck up really high, and was unconscious. They took him to the hospital. He was late from coming home from work, I had a gut feeling that something was wrong, and that's when the phone rang. It was a nurse from the hospital asking for his dad, but he wasn't there at the time, so I asked if it concerned my husband or something, and they said yes. They wouldn't tell me anything, all they said, was to get the rest of the family and bring them to the hospital. That's when I knew something serious had happened. I called everyone, and we all went and met there. We couldn't go see him, they told us to meet with the Chaplin first, I thought he had already died or something. He explained how serious the situation was, and that he didn't have much chances of surviving. They couldn't do any operations here, so we decided to transfer him to Fresno. Like 3-4 hours later, they finally were going to transport him. They had the ambulance car outside waiting, and I just remember seeing them pushing him outside on the gurney in slow motion. Everybody was being really quiet, slow, and cautious. I see them lift the gurney up and into the ambulance, and as soon as they do, ----all I see and hear are buttons going off, he had stopped breathing, all of a sudden, everyone was moving around hella fast, talking loud, in a panic freaking out. They took the gurney back off of the ambulance, and ran him back into the hospital------That is when I started to lose it. I knew it was very serious at that point, and I didn't know what to do, I was way nervous, and had anxiety like crazy. The family was in the waiting room as scared as I was, but I couldn't be around anybody, so I was pacing up and down the hospital hallway, and then finally I went back to the waiting room where everyone was. I saw my mother in law on her knees crying, and my father in law too (which he never cries), and that's when my dad came up to me, and told me that he didn't make it. OMG. I was in shock, didn't know how to react, couldn't talk or cry--nothing. Let me remind you that my mother had passed away when I was 13, so it was like a flashback of my dad telling me the same thing when she passed away. It was crazy. Thank you for letting me share my story on here, it helps

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