wifes  who  get  spanked

I have been reading a lot about kids who get over the knee, bear bottom, red a** spankings. You know for talking back, cutting school. But do get spanked to? You know for using bad words, spending to much or having dinner on late. If your husband spanks the kids? dose he spanked you too?


Last Night

I was told last night that I would be punished for not obeying and I have to tell anyone who asks all the details as part of my punishment


story of another of my spankings

Briana was sitting on the bed reading in her nightgown, dreading the sound of footsteps on the stairs. She had been a very bad girl, and her husband was no doubt going to spank...


Wedding day spanking

In some isolated cultures a wedding night spanking was part of the tradition - a real spanking. In some families a spanking was part of the tradition (usually brides family...


Spanking is an Huge act of Love

Questions is in modern times are marriage better or worse than they were 100 or 200 years ago. Is there more love or less love between husbands and wives. I think wife spank...



Yes, I get spanked and punished regularly for making mistakes


More information

Well, I know some people think if discipline gets to a certain point, it is abuse, but not everything is as black and white as that is. Two years ago, I made a promise that I...


Spanked Wife

Yes hubby spanks me when I overspend on clothes/shoes, when he thinks I should have strapped our daughter but haven't, and mostly for answering him back or shouting at him. Anne


Very Quiet

It is very quiet on here, has everyone left the group?


spanked today

It was decided today that I should be punished, this punishment came about because I treated a lady with disrespect, and my husband gave the lady a say in if I was to be...


Another story of how it started

Before we married, my husband and I discussed what sort of relationship we would have. He is ten years older than me, a very successful businessman and a large, strong,...



So, I was 19 when my husband and I were starting to get serious, and I told him that I liked to be spanked. (At the time, I really thought only sexually, but later I found out...