Wigan Families In Crisis helped by Wigan Mums

I have just set up Wigan families in Crisis to help families who are suffering from Poverty Abuse, Domestic Violence, Violence against children and Vulnerable adults I want these families that their not alone.Wigan people want to help give them the opportunity even if its only to talk to someone who as been through hard times. My new Group want to help you to help each other without judgement. Often when your going through difficult times you feel like your on your own and your drowning and just can't see the end of the tunnel reach out your not on your own. At sometime in everyones life their will be a time when we need our fellow man is does not mean you've failed it just means you need a little help. You only fail when you don't try.. All you can be is the best you can be & All you can do is the best you can do. All we ask when you have been helped pass it forward and turn a little help into another persons miracle.