women and the badge

Sometimes we just need to have a darn good vent. This is the forum for you. Being married to a Cpl for the RCM Police I know just how frustrating the shifts, politics, loss, can really way heavy on a person. This is were you can present an idea, a statement or even just give some advise to a nubie wife/partner out there who is feeling lonely, or wants to share some happy, funny situations with the rest of us. I know we need a forum where we can all pull together and not feel so alone. It doesn't matter if your in Australia, Canada, USA, United Kingdom where ever, you are all invited to chat away.



what was the scariest moment that either you have had on the job, or as a spouse waiting for your spouse to come home.?


Troups Overseas

How do you handle the pressure of having your loved one in a war zone. How do you cope with the stress, family, yourself. What advise would you give for someone who is coping...