Are there any legitimate work from home jobs out there? No SCAMS PLEASE!!!

Nina - posted on 06/21/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




I am currently off work for the summer, and I must admit its nice to have a little break from work spending time with my kids, but I can't just sit at home and expect my bills to get paid. Although I have a full time job it is still not enough to cover my living expenses and to take care of my 3 kids as a single mom. But my point is I am looking for a work from home job and I have been searching the internet so much till my head has begun to hurt. Mostly every work from home job I have came across had some type of gimick. It was either pay to sign up for the job or paying for kit to start making money from home. I am a hard worker and I will do whatever is necessary to take care of my family.


Latreisha - posted on 01/29/2014




Immediate Positions Available

It's a new year...looking for another way to bring in income...tired of your 9-5 job, tired of running into dead end programs that don't work for you...My team has an opportunity that will allow you to make residual income. What is Residual Income? Income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. That is the goal.

The work is simple.

Work Monday-Friday the hours you choose

Send 25 emails per day

Post 3 Company Advertisements two-three days out the week

Use Social Networks to connect with at least 15 groups

Stay connected with Team Members and Administrators

We are a team with one goal and we work together to make sure everyone is successful. No one left behind.

What do you need to start?

Computer or electronic device with internet access

Paypal Account (Free)

Facebook Account (Free) Used for Social Networking

$25 start up fee (if you do not make money within a month your money will be refunded)

This is an opportunity to gain monthly residual income. Work Smart not hard. I look forward to getting you started. Contact me today for orientation.


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Paw - posted on 01/21/2014




You might want to take a look at

You will get to loose weight and make money too. Take a free tour and find out for yourself how great the opportunity is.

Melissa - posted on 10/16/2012




Hi Nina!!!

I have an awesome opportunity, please email me to chat @

I am a mother of 2 who lives in Atlanta and I LOVE my business..

Shanese Ann - posted on 10/10/2012




Do you or anyone you know drink coffee, tea, or hot chocolate at least on occasion?

Toni - posted on 07/16/2012




I am the mother of 3 teenagers and a 5 year old that was my 41st birthday "present!" I wanted things to be different with him. I was a single mom when my teenagers were 4, 3 and 18 months old. I had worked way too hard and way too many hours just to make ends meet when they were little and I missed too much. I didn't want that to happen this time. I was getting another chance with Jake and I wanted to enjoy it! As a chiropractor, I have been shown probably every health and nutrition company there is, and joined a lot of them! I have been in Melaleuca, Juice Plus, Shaklee, Arbonne and Mary Kay just to name a few. (I actually "won" a car in Mary Kay, but didn't make any money!) Those companies all have good products, but NOT great compensation plans. I FINALLY found a company with the best compensation plan AND the best products! The Health and Nutrition products are my specialty. They have changed the lives of hundreds of my patients and allowed me to scale back my practice to about 5 or 6 hours a week! I am a stay-home-mom-chiropractor now! If health is not your thing, that is great too. My company is a product brokerage company in all the multi-billion dollar markets. They have a top of the line cosmetics division, an amazing web site solution if you are a computer geek and want to earn a six figure income from home, and more! If you are considering a home-based business, you owe it to yourself to look at all your options before deciding which way to go. You can call me at 636-734-0225. Thanks, Dr. Toni

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