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Hi- I have just recently started woring at home (accidentally). I was actually just trying to find a way to quit smoking and fell into this opportunity. I ordered an electronic cigarette and loved it. I can happily say that I have been a month without a "regular" cigarette and feel a million times better. I was telling a few girlfriends of mine about it and they wanted one. Well GreenSmoke ( the company that I ordered them from) offers an affiliate program so I signed up thinking that I could get the friends and family of mine to order through me and recoup some of my money in comissions. Like most other moms I don't have to sell or ship or handle product so I thoguht this would be fairly simple. GreenSmoke gave me some discount codes and I decided to post them online on sites like retailmenot.com just to see what would happen. Since having done that ( a week ago) I have had 8 sales to people I don't know who found my codes and used them and have made $135 in comission. And the beauty of it is that now that they have ordered through my affiliates page they are my customer for life.

The issue I am running into here is this: I can see that this is a viable opportunity to make a little extra money on the side but I really need to delve a little deeper into the product, listen to the latest podcast, read the info forums, watch the training videos etc. I have also been told that I REALLY need to set up a website to help route customers to my page and get some business cards. I have stayed at home for 5 years with my 3 girls and I stay busy enough chasing the 2 youngest(2&1) around the house. Where is the balance here. I utilize their nap times for training but that is only 2 hours per day. I have also noticed that the housework has suffered, not by much but enough to bother me. My husband is SUPER supportive and helps when he can but he works 60 hrs per week night shift and is going to school full time during the day. How do the rest of the mama's here juggle it all. And any pointers on a good EASY affordable web site options would be a huge help.

On a side note- Any one interested in learning more about this AWESOME little electronic cigarette can visit www.greensmoke.com/molly

or if you want to try your hand at selling them you can sign up for the affiliates program at-

The company is awesome with help getting started and they give you millions of marketing tools for free. I am hoping that I can find a balance here because if not I'm going to have to give it up and I really don't want to.


Molly - posted on 05/03/2011




thanks so much for taking the time to respond! Since posting this I have also discovered yet another huge benefit to this company! They have an online forum for affiliates to discuss almost anything! I have connected with a few stay at home moms as well as a couple of internet marketing geniuses! I am starting to get more into a routine and when I get overwhelmed I just chat with some of the other wahm's. With the help the marketing people have given me, I am now spending less time at the computer but accomplishing more! So far I have been able to invest about 5-7 hours per week with a return of about $700 per month so I am tickled pink with that (that's my mortgage payment!!!) and yes I have also taken to staying up a little later than I used to but not so much that it effects me!

I alway thought that working at home was not going to bring in enough money or would require too much of my time! So glad that I could find my niche and still be here for my babies and see them grow!


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Hey Molly,
WOW!! First of all- you should be very,very proud of yourself for what you have accomplished in this journey! I wonder though, do you think that having more support ( a real person) to guide you and coach you through these tough valleys would make a difference in how you run your business?
I speak from personal experience because I know if it wasn't for my support team and a close friend in my company... I would have already turned in the towel. I find that even on tough days, just calling and venting or calling and sharing the struggle- they listen and give their own humble opinion to help me- IS ALL I need manytimes.
Just a thought maybe you can call to your team and see what they do in similar scenario?
Wishing you the best of luck.
P.S. I many times will wake up earlier and stay up later to catchup on work related items ;)

No Selling - No Stocking - No Delivering - No Risk

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