Everyone has been a great help with work from home opportunities. I want to thank everyone. I do however, do not have alot of or barely any money to invest in work from home jobs. Is there an alternative?


Kirsty - posted on 01/28/2009




Hi Maria

That is exactly what I decided when I started looking for something - too expensive or at least too much to risk without really knowing what you would earn.

So, I have something pretty cool that I am doing. If you are interested (anyone) reply and I'll send you the presentation.

Kind regards


[deleted account]

Hey Maria! I work from home with a group called Motivated Moms. We are a group of close to 1000 moms who help other moms work from home. If you are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, this is not for you. However, if you are looking to build your own home business with consistent time and effort, there is no limit to what you can achieve. We are partnered with a Health & Wellness company in the U.S. that manufactures safer, healthier products for our families. You get to set your own hours around your family's schedule. There is NO selling, NO inventory, NO order-taking and best of all NO in-home parties! If this sounds like something that might interest you, please visit my website at www.motivatedmoms.net/dawnletourneau and click on Get More Info. I will contact you personally! ~Thanks, Dawn~Proud Member of Motivated Moms~

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Sabrina - posted on 03/02/2012




I am a independent consultant with Heritage Makers and I have been doing it around my kids schedule for six years. I can get you in for $50.00. It is helping mommies with the photos.... they go hand in hand...



Danielle - posted on 03/02/2012




Hey Maria!

My name is Danielle and I also work from AmeriPlan. Its an awesome company to work for and its a legit company.

For more information visit www.momsforahealthyhome.com

or email me at DSwagermoney@gmail,.com

I am always looking for new business partners. =)


Mary - posted on 02/27/2012




I am looking for Moms who are serious about working from home and want to view a web cast that goes over all the details about our company! Spaces are filling rapidly but I still have some openings this week! Message me ASAP with a time that you are available and we'll get you set up. Serious inquiries only!

Leanne - posted on 02/21/2012




Cautious not to appear like I am spamming or selling something because really I am not. As a Mum of 4, I have spent the last 8 years experimenting with different ways to make money from home...I am yet to find the "opportunity of a lifetime" as so many ads suggest....I just find them hard to believe...for me the things that work are a combination of online blogging, eBook writing, options trading, offering freelance services, reference checking and carrying out research from home. No magic solution but hard work and experimentation and I am still learning. Check out website worklifeafterkids for more info.

Lennea - posted on 01/29/2009





My husband was recently laid off. I already have a Mary Kay business but I am finding in my area people just don't have the money for those type of products right now. I wanted something people needed, wanted, and could afford. I found Watkins. They have natural and organice products ..ranging from gourmet food (organinc coffees and such), to personal care, apothecary, and all NATURAL house cleaning products(which is HUGE right ) The start up cost me $39.95 plus tax and I love that there is no inventory or monthly quotas!


www.WatkinsOnline.com Ref # 382853

User - posted on 01/26/2009





I understand how hard it is to sort through the many work from home opportunities out there! I spend nearly 2 years searching for the right opportunity and finally found it with Ameriplan!

Now I work an average of 10-15 hours a week and get to work when I want. I love waking up in the morning and knowing I get to work when I have the time and not when the company wants me to work. I choose only to work when my son is napping or sleeping at night... it's amazing!

Plus we receive daily & monthly pay, free benefits for our entire household, one-on-one support and training, and much more! I absolutely love this company!

If you are interested in helping people find the right affordable health or dental plan please visit www.FreedomAtHomeTeam.com/LLambrakos. If you are interested in learning more after reviewing the information please click on "Request an Interview" and I will get in touch with you to answer any questions you may have.

I wish you the best of luck in finding something that is a perfect fit for your you and your family and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Lindsay Lambrakos
Ameriplan Health Benefits Specialist
Home Office: (970) 556-1737

Taffy - posted on 01/26/2009




I have 3 small children and researched long and hard for a work at home job. I really wanted to contribute to my family and keep my kids with me during the day. So I did lots of research and I found a great career! I recently have come across a home-based business opportunity with no large investment, no inventory and no risk. It is an Inc. 500 manufacturing company. I work from home with a company that manufactures products that we're already buying elsewhere, but they are better, safer & healthier. We just help set up customer accounts and the company pays us to do so. It has benefited our family so much! I never have to leave my house to be successful! If you would like some more information, please feel free to ask me about how I made it happen for my family! I would love to share the information about our company! I think if you hear all the details about working for this company it will make so much sense to you. 

If you would like some additional info. please go to my website at : 


You can view the link that says view more and then if you would like me to contact you, please click the link that says Get More Info. Now! and leave some basic information and I will get back to you!


Kelly - posted on 01/24/2009





I love what I do!!!  I make really great income for my time and have complete flexibilty.  I also get to help other women feel good about themselves and change their financial situations.  My company's values are to put God 1st, Family 2nd, and Career 3rd. 


I never thought I would enjoy being a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, especially since I had a college degree, no sales experience, and no cosmetic experience.  When I started with MK my husband was in Dental School, I had a 4 month old baby, and worked in research 50-60 hours a week.  Once I had my second son I decided to take them out of daycare, quit my job and become a SAHM/ Work from Home Mom.  I had no problem replacing my income and even earned a FREE CAR! 


I am expecting my third baby boy any day now.  My other two boys are age 3.5 and 2.  Mary Kay is great because even when I am at home with my new baby the reorders will continue to come in and so will my commission checks.


Please check out my website or call me anytime: www.marykay.com/kellyfallert


If you already have a MK Consultant give her a call and she would also be glad to talk with you.


Best Regards,



Amy - posted on 01/22/2009




Hi Maria... My situation isn't much different.  I work 2 part time jobs and my husband just got laid off, so I needed some extra income.  I signed up to sell Scentsy and I am loving the residual income.  People come to me to get refills of what they WANT and I don't have to SELL them anything!  Check it out:  http://www.scentsy.com/amybetterton  Let me know if you have any questions!  I'd be happy to help!

[deleted account]

I know there are so many options out there for working from home.  However, most of those options involve working for a company...not working for yourself.  If you are looking for something that is purely YOUR business where you can work at your own pace, your own hours, etc, have you ever thought about becoming an internet marketer?  No, you don't need to be a computer whiz or know everything about technical design to become one.  In case you aren't familiar with it, here's a high level overview:

1. As an Internet marketer it is your job to send people (create traffic) to company websites.

2. When those people make purchases you are paid from the company who owns the product. There are literally 100,000's of companies online who are willing to pay you up to 90% of the entire product sale price just for sending people to their site.

3.  Each pay period you will receive a check in the mail that you take to your bank and deposit (or cash). Some companies will pay you directly to your Paypal account, or even directly to your bank account via wire transfer.

Making money on the Internet is not a get rich overnight scheme. If it were that easy everyone would be doing it!  So, what it comes down to is you have to learn the proper internet marketing techniques in order to succeed. If you are willing to put in the time to learn, this can be a VERY profitable business.  I did ALOT of searches on this topic and finally found a website that can teach you the techniques you need.  It's called Wealthy Affiliate.  They give you step by step instruction on how to get started as well as have continuous online support through forums, email etc. You have to sign up as a member of the site, and there is small monthly fee ($39) to continue your membership.  HOWEVER, because they provide so much for you on the site for free, such as free web hosting, a free web site builder, etc, that is really the only amount you have to pay...you won't need to come up with "start-up money" for your business.  And being a member of there site isn't mandatory in the long term anyway, you could use their site for 3-4 months, learn the basics, then cancel your membership with them. You're not locked into anything, and by then you would have already started your marketing work anyway.

Here's a link for you to take a look at it: 


Hopefully this information helps you or at the very least, gave you another idea to look into.  I'm a stay at home too, and love the time I'm able to spend with my son.  I usually work on my marketing when he's asleep...that's the joy of this, you can work on it when YOU have the time, you're not on anyone's clock. 

Let me know if you have any questions and good luck! :)


Joy - posted on 01/22/2009




For just $25 out-of-pocket you start your own Signature HomeStyles business. You get $640(retail value) everything you need, show case, supplies. You also get valuable training! Best of all if you decide it's not for you, we offer a money-back guarantee!

Visit my webpage www.signaturestyles4you.com and see the product(click on catalog tab). If you have any question click on contact tab and I will get back to you and answer any you have. Good luck in your search! Did I mention we are debt free?

Jaylyn - posted on 01/22/2009




I know it is hard to decipher the real genuine opportunities from the hundreds of scams out there. Trust me I have tried many! I have been married for 11 years now my husband and I are in our early 30's and we have three girls..ages 10, 7, and 4. Not to long ago, we came across an opportunity of a lifetime and are so thankful that we enjoy helping others learn about it too. For us this is going to be a financially stability which is very important especially with today's economy. This opportunity comes from a company that has been around for 50years, is debt free, and sold over $2 billion worth of products last year. It believes word of mouth is the best form of advertising. There is minimal investment needed at all. If you can talk to people, you can do this. I will gladly give you all the details so you have a better understanding..no strings attached. Just email me at hunterjaylyn@yahoo.com and let me give you the chance to see this wonderful opportunity of a lifetime!

Heather - posted on 01/21/2009




Hi, my name is Heather and I am a mother of two (7 and 3). I sell Avon and Tupperware from home and I have had great success with both. **********************************If start-up money is an issue, Avon is a better choice - it's only $10 to start! Tupperware is more money and quicker but $79 to start. If you want more information, you can e-mail me at hdrayton07@optonline or visit either of my websites.



Hope this helped!

Good Luck.

Carissa - posted on 01/19/2009




Do any of these companies guarantee $4100 in your first month by selling 10 websites to show people how to earn cash back on products we need everyday. This company had 1,500 reps as of last Febuary and now they have 94,000 reps. This business just makes sense. You can join for only $99. Watch the presentation at www.24hourtour.net/csl

[deleted account]

Hi Maria!

I have been working outside the home and paying awful amounts to day care until about 4 months ago. I have found a wonderful company to work with that allows me to now stay home with my children which saves me a ton of money while allowing me the potential to earn unlimited income. I love this opportunity so much that I wanted to share it will all of you because I barely had to come up with any money at all and I have already earn back way more than I had to put in to start.

We are a fun team who earn income without sacrificing any time with our children! We can work part time or full time depending on our financial needs and schedules. Unlike most work from home jobs, we do not sell products or keep any inventory! Contact me or visit my website and request more information!!




Kim - posted on 01/17/2009




Hi Maria,

I have 2 kids and I work as a Pediatric RN 2 days a week and then I have a part time business at home with Arbonne International. They have awesome health and wellness products for the entire family and an excellent compensation plan. All of their products are safe, pure and beneficial. They are formulated in Switzerland and made in the USA, no mineral oils or animal by products. It is a fun business and filled with wonderful women & men.. $29 sign up for 35% discount. NO OBLIGATION to buy or sell.. Spend as much or as little as you wish to start your business.

Visit my website at : www.HealthySkinCareForAll.myarbonne.com

email me at bambam2001@msn.com if you have any questions. I can personally mail you samples and info too if you would like.

Thank you for your time. Good Luck to you!!

Visit my website: www.HealthySkinCareForAll.myarbonne.com

Jennifer - posted on 01/14/2009




My name is Jennifer and I am a independent home and garden party consultant. I love it. Here is some information for you. I would love to talk to you. Sign up for half price in Jan and Feb with me. Let me know what you think.

Opportunity of A Lifetime!!

Home & Garden Party has a business that is guaranteed to change your life and the lives that you touch!!

What does Home & Garden Party have to offer?

Christian-Based Company

NO Deliveries

NO Minimum Orders

NO Experience Required

Great Hostess Benefits at no cost to the Designer

Ground Floor Opportunity

Training at home through Conference Calls with the best Designers

Quality Products with a Company Guarantee

NO Inventory Needed

LOW Quotas

No Risk, Money Back Guarantee

What Can I Make Doing This Business?

Earn 30% on all Retail Sales. Once you have sold $1500 in retail sales you will receive an extra 10% commission on all your sales forever.

We average $174 profit per party!!

Unlimited Ways to Earn Money!!

Sponsoring Others

Home Parties

Book Parties

Internet Parties


Individuals Orders

How Do I Get Started?

Contact me!! I will submit your application information and order your KIT & ACH

You can pay by MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or Check.

Choose from 4 kits in the Opportunity Brochure.

Start handing out catalogs and booking shows with people you know!

You have everything to gain & nothing to lose!!

Jennifer Rucktaeschel, jrucktaeschel@hotmail.com

Aubrey - posted on 01/13/2009




Hi Maria

I am stay home mom with two wonderful boys. We are expecting our third in July. Despite the cost of childcare and commuting I was unable to return to my full time job.

I have recently found a fantastic home business opportinity with a low sign up cost.

I do not have to do parties, cold call or keep an inventory.....it is great!!

You will receive full support and assistance with getting your system up and running right away. I will show you how and where to advertise for little or no cost.


or send me an email info.freedom2earn.com

I want to help you!!

Tracy - posted on 01/13/2009




Hi Maria, You can start with as little as $100 with Passion Parties. Passion Parties leads the party plan industry as the premier supplier of sensual products in the United States and Canada. It was started by women for women, and it's the premier company for a reason. Check out my website to see why.

http://www.defineyourdiva.com ~ take a look around, and if you're interested in learning more about the opportunity, simply fill out the online form and I'll contact you.

I love this business. My team spans the U.S. and Canada. We educate, we enlighten, and we empower women - including ourselves! - all over the country, every day. What a feeling!

Warm regards,


Sarah - posted on 01/13/2009




Join me in Avon now for only $10. Start leadership and have a chance to earn a beautiful Bentelli Ring and 7 diamonds. Go to www.youravon.com/sbriley or call me at (269)621-2670

Erica - posted on 01/13/2009




Hi Maria,

I have a great direct selling opportunity, it is not MLM, you do not have to buy anything, and for only $175 that is all you ever have to pay and you get training, a website, back office, and access to online videos, marketing material, etc. If you would like to help others become mortgage free and debt free and give them the answer to financial freedom, this is for you. Please check out the company United First Financial we are on the front cover of the February 2009 issue of Success from Home Magazine out on newsstands now in Barnes & Nobles and Borders, we are very successful at what we do! Let me know if you have any questions.

Christine - posted on 01/13/2009




I am in the same situation as Maria. Not a lot of money to start and in need of money. I am not a seller.



Jenny - posted on 01/13/2009




 Hi Maria....I work from home without having to sell any products, go door-to-door, purchase inventory or host parties. FREE TRAINING, FREE WEBSITE and 100% RISK~FREE! This opportunity is with a team of motivated partners who work together to run our own home~based business. My Team partners with a 23yr old PROSPEROUS company which allows us to work at~home with our computers and telephones. There is very little investment!!!  I would love to tell you more about it!!Visit my website

Amelia - posted on 01/12/2009




After having my 3rd son, I couldn't bare to leave him to go back to work! In addition my 2 older boys were now both in school and I too wanted to be one of those moms that were there to pick up her kids! Lucky for me I found out about CruiseMoms. I now can supplement my income, stay home and enjoy what I do! I want to share my experience with other moms that can benefit as well! I've added some info below for those who may be interested...
The Cruise Line Ltd. is giving everybody the opportunity and training to sell cruises through their CruiseMoms.com Program. The Cruise Moms will receive expert training, direct access to their bookings and the opportunity to be a part The Cruise Line Ltd. We will provide all of the tools and knowledge necessary to deal directly with all of the major Cruise Lines
The Cruise Line Ltd. is a proud member of the Cruise Line International Association (CLIA). Cruise Line Ltd. has a history of making customers happy with its incredibly low rates. With clients coming from all around the world to lock into one of our low rates, The Cruise Line Ltd. has become an internationally known Cruise Agency. The Cruise Line Ltd. is the fastest growing travel agency of the new millennium and has doubled its number of clients each year. It has been so successful, it has already claimed the Royal Caribbean/Celebrity "2004 Inside Cruise Agency of The Year" Award and has now been named Carnival's "Agency of the Year" for 2007.
visit www.cruisemoms1.com

Kristie - posted on 01/12/2009




Maria, the Localadlink opportunity can actually get Account Executives started with no $ to register.  You'll get a backoffice website and online training and you can immediately start making 50% commision on the advertising packages.  LocalAdLink is a full online ad network, offering a total online advertising solution. We are the low cost provider for online advertising designed for local businesses and corporations, offering a huge benefit to the smallest business as well as the largest chain stores.  Think of all the people and places who you currently do business with ( hairdreser, nail salon, restaurants, at home business owners).  They all need to advertise and we show them how to do it affordably. 
You can find out more at my site www.Localadlink.net/kristiebarry or email me and I can share more. 

Linda - posted on 01/12/2009




There are a lot of companies that are looking for people to do customer service from home. I personally am starting work with www.west.com. If you have computer skills, you can do this job. Nothing to invest except having a second phone line dedicated to work. I have phone service with my cable company and all it costs is $10 a month. Way less than how much it would cost in gas and daycare....check it out.

Tracy - posted on 01/12/2009




Hey Maria, I was in the same boat as you. I saw alot of work at home ideas, but I couldn't put the money out. My solution was government daycare. My home was already childproofed. I had a bunch of toys, and I love kids. Any equiptment I don't have that I need. My home worker brings to me at her monthly visit. And since you are using your own home. Basically all your bills are atleast partially a write-off on income tax, because they are business expences. I do have alot of rules to follow, some are common sense, some I think are useless, but overall the benifits outway the bad. I'm actually now making more than I was making working 40+ hrs a week in a factory. It's a slow start it took me two years to get where I am now, but it's well worth the effort. Good luck

Rebecca - posted on 01/12/2009




Hi Maria,

Have you heard of Ameriplan?

I am an Independent Business Owner, and I help others save on Dental and Healthcare costs with Ameriplans discount dental and healthcare programs.

Once you sign a member up, then corporate takes over and you get a commission every month they remain a member. You can do all the work from home, online and on the phone. Some people also advertise locally, it is up to you.

If you would like to know more about the discount programs visit. www.MyBenefitsPlus.com/rdoll.

I am part of a great team that offers lots of training and support. If you would like to know more my team visit www.FreedomAtHomeTeam.com/rdoll

Let me know if you have any questions.

Good luck in your search


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