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I have been working a home business now for the past 3 years and I wanted to share that 3 years ago when I was searching for something to do, is that there is a difference between the two that some people do not realize.

Online - JOBS .......... you should NEVER pay for! That is no different then you going and applying somewhere for a job. You would not PAY to work at Wal-mart. DO NOT PAY for "JOBS".

Home business....... always requires a start up fee. It may be as little as 10.00 and on up. Which normally may cover materials and things that you need to get started. Also, a home business, is YOUR business. At the end of each year, my partner company sends me a 1099 form for taxes and so forth. And its a business that "I" build to suit my wants and needs for my families future.

Just do your homework, and know the differences. Check out companies at the BBB. Learn their history and credentials !!!

You also need dedication and determination......and desire. Your not punching a time clock, you dont have a boss over your shoulder, there are so so many benefits to working from home. But, you must also have the decipline to do what it takes. But to me, it is VERY worth it !!



Building a Business...... to last a lifetime.


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This is a great Business! I work for FourPointMoms as well. It has many wonderful opportunities!

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Quoting Diane:

I'd like toknow what business that you do.

I promote literacy in the community, in schools, at home.  I help fire up kids interest in reading and learning.  I sell the books kids love to read - Usborne Books.

I have three children (ages 11, 8, 5) I home school.  They often help me with my business.  The joy of the uPS man coming to the house can only be beat by Christmas morning!

I do book parties, bookfairs, read-a-thons, fundraising, direct sales, web sales.  I train and suppost the people in my team who want to be successful - whatever that definition of success may be.

We love the books.  We love what the business can do for our family.  I work when I want to.  I work hard and reap the rewards of that work directly.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions or concerns for you.

--Monique Schaefers

503-380-0500 cp

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