I want to do something progressive even if i stay home taking care of my son. what can i do?

Jennifer - posted on 03/04/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




What can I do even if I just stay at home taking care of my son? I want to earn extra income...


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Marcelle - posted on 04/30/2010




Tonia's reply is a really honest one. My kids too feel that I am often on the computer. lol, it is all about balance, and sometimes they come first and sometimes a job just has to be finished. I love the internet because it has allowed me to be a self-employed programmer / analyst for the last eight years. There was a learning curve, and reaching a stable income took a short while, but now having an established client list, the income is most welcome as some jam on the bread and butter hubby earns.


Tonia - posted on 03/10/2010




I stay at home...
I am also a self employed photographer!
I have mixed feelings...
I think its hard weather your at home or work full time. Either you miss your children or you would like more time to go out and do things. At least that is how I have felt at times. plus I have had to deal with the lovely peanut gallery people always questioning me on why I don't work even though I do in fact have a job. Being self employed you don't get the same how should I put it courtesy as people who are employed by someone else. It has been very hard at times both mentally, and financially at times too.
Despite the sometimes struggles of it. I am happy with my choice. I am getting the best of both worlds... Building a business and being my children's primary care giver.
I do have to say though depending what you get into another thing to consider is time and what you choose if its at home how it will consume your time. I have had a hard time sometimes juggling both kids and all the work for my business. The kids come first but you have a responsibility to others to be sure to get there product to them too. Last year my daughter told her teacher I was always on the computer working. That made me feel like crap but it also put things into perspective, too. So I just wanted to point out just cuz you work at home does not mean it will be easier.

Tania - posted on 03/05/2010




Hi Jennifer,

I understand where you are coming from as that was my position 12 years ago when I had to stop work to spend more time with my son because his asthma was too hard for his daycare to manage.

I went back to school and retrained as a Medical Aromatherapist, and then upgraded my Construction Management qualiftications, as well as starting my own companies in each with only my time to invest into it. It is hard work so you really need to look at how much time you have to put into it daily (1hr or 3-4 hrs) because being a Mum is busy enough! For me, I had to juggle it with my son ending up in hospital at any time day or night - which also made me unemployable, but did mean I could work all hours of the night whilst having to medicate him hourly.

If you have business management skills, you can run a business support company from home (accounts/typing up reports/secretarial service).

If you have an interest in health and beauty, become an agent for Avon, Nutrimetics, etc. From my experiences, companies like Amway and Usana take up more time because of the marketing meetings you are expected to attend every week/fortnight.

I have a friend who makes cupcakes and does cake decorating and sends them all over the place. Another has a scrapbooking website.

I have had agents in the past for my aromatherapy products, and it takes a lot of effort fulfilling orders and keeping them motivated and still being creative at my end. So no, I'm not looking for someone to sell my products (in fact I'm retiring from my business this year).

So if you'd like unbiased info on running a small business from home, please feel welcome to ask.

Tania :-)

Roz - posted on 03/05/2010




Hi Jennifer :). Really the possiblities are endless. You have to think about what you might love to do and your future goals for your family. If your goals are to get to financial freedom, retire your hubby or S/O, get out of debt and other big goals money wise then a work at home business is what you are looking for. It might cause you to step out of our comfort zone, but I'm sure you know that's really what it will probably take to really become successful moneywise working at home.

But if you are just looking for something small, just to get you through the next few months then a work at home job is what you are looking for.

Please join my group "Please Help Me Find Work At Home!!!" to get information on how to avoid scams, the difference between a job and a business, and other necessary things to check out to make sure you make the right decision for you and your family :). I hope it helps!

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