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Hi everybody. I live in New York State. I recently had baby boy and I would like to work from home. I am realy good in bookkepeing and preparing taxes.Any suggestions where I can find job like I mention?


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Patrice - posted on 05/12/2009




Hi Nataliya!

Yes I understand with everything else how hard it is looking for legit work at home. I have been a stay at home mom for about 7 yrs and I too started out looking for a work at home job. I found several differnt site some that wanted you to pay for their job boards, And some I did just that. Only to find out I would be making 7 to 8 dollars an hour (on top of trying to keep a 3 yr old and 4yr old quite for 3 to 4 hours) Of course these companies don't want the people calling to know that you are infact at home.

So I then started to take a different approach, I started looking into work at home business. I too not a sell person at all. Found tons of information and business out there. What I did in decideing was to make a list of thing I would do and a list of things that I would never do. That's when I found this great company. It has truly been a God sent. Now if you are serious about working from home I would get my list statred. And go for it Also listen to this call this business has truly changed or family( and still changing) I would like you to give me a honest opion of what you think even if you think this is not for you. 1-800-514-1258

Thanks in advance,

P.S hope you find what you are looking for

Nataliya - posted on 03/02/2009




Thank you for responses everybody but i really want to stick to what I do best.(bookkepeing)


Mandi - posted on 02/24/2009




Hi Nataliya, i have recently started a home business. Do you like candles? My business consist of selling All Natural Mia Bella Gourmet Candles, simmer pots, bath and body procucts, ect.. You can visit my website at to view all my products. If you would like to learn more please send me an email at I look forward to hearing from you and i hope that you find what you are looking for. May God Bless!


[deleted account]

Hello Nataliya, I am an independent associate for Watkins. Watkins was established in 1868. For 140 years they have been committed to using the finest natural ingredients in their products. Their products are free of phthalates, sulfates and parabens and other chemicals that cause asthma, cancer and other adverse effects on your health. The have natural gourmet (spices, extracts, bread and dip mixes), personal care (deo, lotion, hand soap), home remedies, supplements,  home care (cleaners, laundry detergent, dish detergent) and much more. They recently launched a line of plant based home cleaners that everyone is going crazy about. 

You can build your business 3 different ways, you can sale products (have parties or just word of mouth) or you can use the products yourself and get other people to join under you and simply do the same (use the products and sign people up) , or you can do both. 

It costs $39.95 to join. You can read more about it on my website,

Or feel free to e-mail me, , and I will be happy to help in any way that I can. All of the products are backed by their 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee

Wendy - posted on 02/23/2009




Hi Nataliya,   I have been a stay at home mom for about 2 years and have recently decided (by alot of encouragement from my husband), to start my own business to bring in extra income to the family.  ALthough my husband makes a decent living, with the economy these days, it is important to have "extra income".  That is why I have chosen to work for this company.  They, from what I have been proven, really care about us and want us to succeed.  Of course if we succeed then they succeed.  We simply enroll members for a company called Melaleuca. If you would like to just hear about the company to see if it is something you might me interested in, give me a call at 678-261-8209 or email me your number at and I will call you.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Elizabeth - posted on 02/23/2009




Hi Nataliya! I Have recently made the transition to SAHM and have started with a home based business. It's not bookkeeping but you may want to check it out. I am a nurse by trade so this was a leap for me but I am enjoying it so far and love being home with my boys! for more information. Good luck! Elizabeth

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