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Renee - posted on 04/06/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hello, my name is Renee, and I am a SAHM, and trying to find something to help make money while I stay at home. I have 3 children, girl (7), boy (4), and another boy (3).

If there is any kind of good advice out there, I don't want anything that will cost me a penny to start.

I wish to meet successful people who are making money from home!!!


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Jenn - posted on 04/22/2009




Hey Girl! Here is some help on your search... I have included the difference between a business and a job, a list of LEGIT at home Jobs and SCAMS to look out for!

Looking for a Home Business:

This is a very REWARDING opportunity no matter if you decide to do Ameriplan (I am a Proud Business Owner with Ameriplan, it brought me home full time to my girls, let me know if you want info), At Home America, Make-up, Jewelery, etc. A Home Business usually always has a start up and a monthly overhead or requirement. It is your OWN and you never have to answer to anyone but yourself! If you find exactly what your PASSION is and what you will put your HEART and DEDICATION into, it will pay you for a LIFETIME, the Success you can have is ENDLESS! You make your own hours, work around your family and create financial freedom... which is soooo AMAZING! Just think in 2 to 4 years being able to go on vacations, and affording all those things in life you never thought you could have! A Home Business WILL do this for you, if you WORK it and you are determined to be SUCCESSFUL!

Looking for a Home JOB:

A Home JOB is a lot more difficult to find compared to a Home Business Opportunity. They are very few and far between, the ones that are out there that are LEGIT, have a waiting list and thousands or more applicants a day. It is very hard to get an At Home JOB. Now with that said, you should NEVER have to pay for an at Home JOB. They will pay you an hourly rate or base pay while working from home. Be very careful searching for an At Home JOB, and NEVER pay to work as an Employee from home. (F.Y.I. as a Home Business Owner there is an Investment, a JOB is not a Business)

Go to for a List of LEGITIMATE Companies that hire employees from home as a JOB. (F.Y.I. ~ a Home Business is NOT a Job... A Home Business has a startup cost and a Home JOB should never have you pay)

SCAMS To Look Out For:

Go to to review a very helpful post that lists the most Typical SCAMS, what to watch out for on your search!!!

You can also go to or for advice, work at home jobs and tips. Many in there will be able to help you also!

GOOD LUCK!!! I am here if you ever need anything... You will find what you are looking for!!!!

Jennifer May ~ National Sales Director, Ameriplan®

Home Office ~ 480-588-7778 / Yahoo IM ~ AmeriplanWAHM

Daily Pay, 401k and Benefits from Home!

Group Owner ~ Work at Home Directory

Follow and Grow Your Business ~

Marcelle - posted on 04/07/2009





From your description, I think you need to look at

Someother people have also advocated for transcription work, which may be difficult to get started and you need to get your certificate, but does work once you get going..

Other than that, if you are in the US, look at the big job sites for telecommuting work is your best bet. It is not an easy market for jobs in any country at the moment.

I have earnt money on the web for the last 6+ years, so

what are your skills?

what are your qualifications?

do you want marketing, party plans, tutoring, independent consultant ??

Good luck

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