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I have 3 small children 2, 4, and 6. I have started being a Pampered Chef Consultant. I am finding it quite difficult to be organized. Was wondering if anyone had any sugguestions on how to get organized and keep the children busy and out of the way while organizing. I really don't have a babysitter to help with the situation. Maybe I am doing ok, but just feel really scattered all the time. I feel like my memory and organizational skills are at their minimum. I really think they should be better.


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Hi Phyllis,

I have a 2 and 8 yr old, am working as asst to my husband's real estate firm, doing small graphic deisgn jobs, and trying to write a play all at the same time. Crazy, I know...can't believe I stayed home for a "break" from working!

What I can offer is advice that worked for me. My 2 yr old won't stay out of anything so forget about trying to keep him occupied during waking hours. What I have done is enforced naptime for all kids at the same time. When it's naptime, everyone knows to stay in their rooms and don't come out until the timer goes off. For the older kids who don't need to nap, this is quiet time where they get to do something they like, like movies or video games...the timer makes it easy for me to then monitor how much VG time they're getting anyway, so it's a 2-fer.

So my work day goes like this: Get breakfast, and while kids eat I check and answer email. I use this time not to do much work, but to prioritize the things I need to do when I get a good solid block of time. Then surrender myself to the kids until naptime, when I can get the real work done. Then after dinner I get my husband to do bath/bed, so I can come back and finish up any work.

If you can stick to the schedule, it's less stressful on both you and the kids. As long as the kids know what to expect and you're firm about quiet times, you can usually get them to cooperate.

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