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I am a stay at home mom and would love to make some income, but I have no idea were or how to start. If I could get some information I would love it.

Thanks Stephannie

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April - posted on 03/04/2011




Great post Marci!!!!! What an EXCELLENT collection of information to help anyone work from home. There are no easy answers with working from home and most people find that they have to do a couple of things to generate multiple streams of income. Starting a business takes time and there are just not many work at home jobs. Jobs are really hard to come by, people can spend years searching for a real telecommuting type job that allows them to work from home because there just aren't that many and the competition for these jobs is fierce.

I just wanted to tell you that what you posted was awesome and really shows that if someone is determined to work from home they can, just just have to think outside the box. Thanks for providing all that great info Marci!

April - posted on 03/04/2011




Solicitation Reminder: I had to delete almost every post in this thread because they violated COM policies. My computer is acting up and I was not able to send admin warnings to those that were in violation.

There are pinned threads at the top of almost every community in COM stating what the guidelines are. It is your responsbility to know them and adhere to them.

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What you CAN do:
I understand that people here are specifically asking to work from home, work from home information but COM is trying to ensure that the community is not over run with ads and solicitations. Therefore, what you can do is state the name of your company, what you do, what you love it, why you chose the company, how you help others, how long you have been with the company, etc. Any information you want to provide without violating the guidelines. If someone is interested in what you had to say, they can contact YOU asking for more information.

I hope I provided clarification on this topic. Any post that violates the guidelines will be deleted and an admin warning issued which could result in your suspension from the community.

I know that all of you are excited about your businesses. I too have my own home based business and I love sharing the opportunity with others but we have to adhere to the guidelines of this community. When someone post a question here, really try to be focused on helping that person solve their problem. People are attracted to your sincere effort to help them, not your business opportunity. When you focus on helping others first and your business second, everything will fall into place.

Thanks ladies as always for your understanding and cooperation. If you find that your post was deleted, please repost and stick to the guidelines. We want to support everyone here.

April :)

Marci - posted on 01/20/2009




l'd start by checking out the companies and products that sound interesting to you.  To be able to sell a product like we do in direct sales, you have to have a passion for the product.  Okay, you don't have, but it helps a lot.  I have tried many different direct sales companies and was never able to find one that clicked until I found Usborne books.  I LOVE the books so much that I would share them even if I didn't get paid!  (check out my website at )  Feel free to email me about any questions or concerns  that you have.  You have to believe in the rpoduct enough that your enthusiasm will help you talk to people about and sell the product.  Does this make sense?


I also sell things on EBay and Half.com, Ebay's sister site.  I use to have an Ebay store front but have closed it because I was just breaking even.  I will continue to list individual items on Ebay but the store did not work for me.  There are some that do very well with an Ebay store.  I like Half.com as it is similar yet different to Ebay.  With half.com you only sell books, movies, music, and video games.  You list the items and what price you want for them and they stay up until they are sold.  Half.com takes their cut when the item sells but there is no listing fee, this is a big bonus for me as I currently have about 1,000 items listed!  If you have any questions on how to get started feel free to email me at


I also do some secret shopping to bring in a little extra pocket change.  I have not gotten rich doing this but it is fun!  For our anniversary my husband and I were able to go to an upscale restaurant and we will pay only $15 out of pocket when we get reimbursed and paid for the report I filled out.  There are many different comapnies and shops available.  Never pay to become a mystery shopper--those are scams!  You can be a mystery shopper with no experience and no money down.  That's what I did! (Depending on the company you get paid at different times, some pay bimonthly, some once a month, some it has to be the month after you complete the shop read the instructions and information carefully!)  we have been able to do many things together as a family as well as a couple that have been completely or mostly paid for!  Best of all you pick and choose when you wan to do it and how much and which shops you will pick!  Email me if you want more info on this. 


My husband and I also have a couple of blogs that we are trying to make some money off of, so far we have made around $200, not a lot but a little.  If anyone has any tips or ideas to share about this I would love to hear them!!!  Again email me at and I will share with you what we do.  You can see our blogs at: 

This one is our family blog--we don't try and make money on this one.  This is just for fun!!!

These next two haven't been updated in a long time, my goal is to update them this week and keep updating weekly all this year!

My husband has a couple more that are just his.  If you are interested I can send you those addresses, just email me at


We, my husband and I are also taking a online class about setting up your own websites and making them profittable.  These websites are not ready to go live yet, hopefully by the end of Febrauray they will be live!  If you want info on what company we used just shoot me an email at I really like the company, they are really easy to use, even for me, I am pretty computer illiterate, everything I know I have learned in the last year or so.  They go over step by step how to do it and even go over how to have your site make the most money as possible.  Their whole goal is to help you set up a website from start to finish and have it make you money!  And they really make it easy and give you the confidence you need to try it!


I also write a weekly column for BellaOnline, on Childrens TV.  While the editor position is volunteer, there are many ways that BellaOnline helps you get your name out there and helps you find ways to make money.  After February my goal is to really sit down and go over the best ways to make money with them and optomize on that.  There are always Editor positions open, so feel free to check it out.  Here is my page:   This will tell you more in depth what we do and how we do it and will give you a list of topics that they are looking for editors for.


I also make a lot of crafts and such and have decided to open an Etsy store.  I don't have any items listed yet, hopefully I will be able to gather them together and get store started by the end of January.  I will be listed under BusyBeesDesigns if you want to go and check it out at the end of the month!

So, as you can see there are so many ideas out there!  You can do so many things if you really want to.  If you are still having a hrad time deciding go to your local library and check out a couple books on home based businesses and find some ideas that you think sound exciting and interetsing and research those. 


You will be your own boss, no one to report to.  This makes some people excited and ready to go and it makes others lazy.  You have to do something that you feel good about and that will keep you doing it!


Good luck to you.  Let us know what you decide on so we can all help support you!

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