Will I EVER find legit work from home position!?!

Nicole - posted on 02/20/2011 ( 9 moms have responded )




Hi everyone! I am so glad to have found COM! I've been reading all of the threads and look forward to reading a LOT more (tomorrow... I am exhausted! LOL). I am a stay-at-home mom with an amazing 22-month old little boy. I threw in the career towel in September after months of being frustrated finding a decent job (one that was worth leaving my son and paying $1,000/month+++ for daycare). I graduated college in December and now I am really bored... really, really bored. I have a BA in business & marketing and have over 10 years working in e-commerce (internet marketing exec, e-commerce business manager, web designer & graphic artists, fast typist, Microsoft certified, and blogger - to name a few of my experiences/past titles).

I have been looking for YEARS for a legit WAHM job. I don't expect to make $5k a week... I don't expect to work an hour a week and make millions a year. I am just looking for something to keep me busy and help earn a few extra bucks in return. I don't want to pay money to make money. I don't have a landline phone (so I think most call center opportunities I won't qualify for...). I have been reading forums, Googling for "the answer", and asking around for years.. Now that I really have extra time... I want to find something for myself to do. I dedicate 90% of my time for my son - but, then there is nap time!! Help ladies... what can I do during nap time (please don't say cook or clean...!!!) :)

Appreciate any advice and thanks for at least reading (and understanding, as I am sure thousands of you feel the same!)


April - posted on 03/04/2011




Hey Nicole! So glad to see that you and Roz got hooked up. She has provided you with some awesome info and she is a first class lady! While Roz and I build businesses with different network marketing companies, I had the pleasure of working with Roz when I was setting up my Wordpress blog. She is fabulous to work with! Love you Roz! :)

When I lost my job in January, my business is not yet generating full time income although I am getting there but with my executive and legal background I was looking into doing some type of VA work. I got hooked up with a lady through LinkedIn who was reallly helpful. She has been a VA many years. I quickly figured out after talking with her that doing VA work is essentially like starting your own business. I would need to find my niche of clients to market to based on my skills and start trying to gain clients so it's like starting another business. It's going to take time to get going so after we talked, we determined that I just needed to focus on the business that I already have.

So I just wanted to provide some info on that and what my experience has been so far with the VA industry. I had tried odesk and elance.com to get some VA jobs but too many overseas workers are willing to work for $2.00 and $3.00 an hour. Roz gave you some great tips on how to get networked and LinkedIn is a great way to network. They have a Virtual Assistant Group that you can join that helps VA's get a business going, resources, etc.

Good luck Nicole and as always, Roz, you are awesome with all of your info girl! Love ya!


Roz - posted on 02/20/2011




Haha :) You came to the right board! You do have a couple of options and I'm sure you will find most will share their opinion too.

The first option is to get yourself set up at www.odesk.com. There are a lot of people who get on there looking for someone to set up a blog for them or make a banner etc. Even things like making a Facebook fanpage profile pic or something like that. You can get hired for all sorts of odds and ends jobs.

However it's not guaranteed that you'll get hired. I'm sure there's some sort of way to get out there but as I've never used the platform I don't know! You'll also have competition as there are many overseas workers who will do things VERY cheaply compared to what things normally cost here in the US. But there will be people who will only want to hire US workers etc.

Your second option is to start a business. I have my own home based business with a network marketing company. I built my own blog and incorporate internet marketing to get leads and coaching clients, as well as build my network marketing business. If you want to see examples of blogs that I've built so you can see if it is similar to what you can do just ask me for the links as I can't post them here.

The problem with this though is that you said you don't want to spend money to make money. If you start any business, network marketing or not you will have to spend money. So you'll have to weigh your goals and passions to see if you want to invest a little into your new business.

The third option is to do affiliate marketing. You can get yourself a wordpress.org blog set up (it's a bit of a process but you can learn or just hire someone to do it. Then you can post blog posts about affiliate offers or random things you find valuable.

In order to be successful at that though you'll need to learn SEO to get found on google and the other search engines. If you find a niche that many people are interested in but not much competition then you can make a lot of money very easily. You can get set up at www.clickbank.com and find affiliate offers you'd like to promote.

Again though with that you'll need to put out a little bit of money to get that going though.

Just remember that if you get hired by someone, likely there is no cost (but as you know if you go outside the home you might have daycare, special work clothes, dry cleaning etc. so even jobs cost). But if you start a business you will more than likely have to pay something to start.

Sometimes it's very cheap, or you can spend $1 Million to open up a McDonalds lol...just find a happy medium! If you don't want a boss and want to make your own hours, a business is the best bet :). HTH!


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Krista - posted on 04/19/2013




Hi Nicole, I work from home and it is completely FREE and you can work any hours you like. This is such a great option for a career. There is no investment, no start up, no fees, no products, no sales... We have an "A" rating with the BBB also. Message me or join me on Skype Text chat. Username agentkristah

Sarah - posted on 09/13/2012




Hey Nicole,

I too have searched for over a year to find a legitament work form home opportunity! I have tried many things.

I now work with a company that "drives" people to Fortune 500 Companies to TRY their products and get paid to do so. Companies like Netflix, Equifax, Book clubs, DirecTV, Discover...and much more. These companies are not spending on large advertising dollars on commercial ads anymore...they now pay the consumers (you and me). It costs the company less to advertise this way and it actually gives the potential customer an opportunity to try out the product or service before buying it!

I make $20-$55 per referral. I don't have to call anyone, bother friends and family to buy products, I did not have to pay a start up cost, I was provided with free training, I work when I want (when daughter is napping) and how much I want!

I am very excited that I have found a successful opportunity that works out so well with my "mom" schedule!

Hope you find what you are looking for!

God bless,


Jessica - posted on 02/25/2011




Hi Nicole,
I am an Independent Consultant with Arbonne. We market botanical health and wellness products through internet sales, home parties, or one on one consultations. Its greta I have people on my team who do this business as their night out and some who run it like a very serious business it all depends on your goals. If you are open to learning more contact me thru facebook. Good luck on your venture I remember the frustration of finding a home based business.

Roz - posted on 02/21/2011




What I would suggest is to get in with the "internet marketing" crowd on FB. I am friends with many of them and there are ALWAYS new people looking for someone to design a blog banner, fb profile pic, and even use the new photo strip at the top of the pages and profiles to do some advertising.

Do a couple of things for free if you need to get your portfolio up for that sort of stuff in exchange for a testimonial or shout out on FB (or even a couple of non-spammy shout outs for you).

I have a couple things you could do if you were looking to build your portfolio hehe :D.

But by friending strateigic people on FB you can build up a clientele that will get testimonials for you, get you a fanpage with reviews on it etc. and then have people come to you to do graphics work.

The only thing is that it won't be consistant to start, but it will get there.

So I would say to set yourself up on odesk to be a VA and get strategic relationships going with people who will hire you consistantly for their new projects.

That's pretty much the only thing you can do if you want to work at home on your on terms.

I don't know too much about the VA industry though, but I think there is a board for that on www.wahm.com/forum.

Nicole - posted on 02/21/2011




Thanks, Roz! I have checked out odesk.com but maybe I will give it another try. I am running my own web & logo design company from home. I have been on hiatus the past few months since we were moving, life in general, holidays, graduating college, and a laptop that decided to stop working... Everything is calm and settled down now (new MacBook Pro, we have moved in and unpacked, etc...).

I always have 2-3 different ventures I am working on/start-up business ideas I try to get off the ground. My web design is great since I can let the business "die down" and stop taking on clients/advertising when life gets hectic... But I want something that is consistent, reliable paycheck.

I also have my own blog (mamanyc.net) - Another thing I have gone on vacation with the past 2-3 weeks. I love blogging and have run a lot of great giveaways with sponsors - but again, affiliate marketing isn't such a reliable income. It is a ton of fun for me - but isn't the pay I would like.

I am not looking to make thousands a week (or, day - as some companies "promise"). I have heard of honest companies - paying... $200, $300 a week.. just for some part-time typist work or virtual assistant work.. projects.

Hopefully I will be able to find some constant work in the next few weeks before I go crazy & bored!!!

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