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Debbie - posted on 12/13/2008





I was in your shoes a few years ago. I am now a full-time freelance writer and editor from home. Freelance work -- depending on your previous work experience and skills is a great avenue to work from home and utilize your current network.

What previous jobs did you have? Can you translate those into freelance jobs? Contact companies you used to work for or that you have a network with... with today's economy many businesses save money by hiring freelance contract workers. If they know you already, then it makes it easier to sell them on the idea.

Start with what you know and love... that is the best way to succeed.

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Tammy - posted on 05/11/2009




Everyone tells you they have a great job working from home but no one has really said what they do. Not a whole lot of help?... Just a heck of a lot of research....

I went on three different websites that was offered on here, and no information was given about the company what so ever. You have to give them your name, number, email address etc. and then they contact you.....? How do you know if that's the real deal?

Good Luck to you Jessica.

[deleted account]

The National Graduate Preparatory Program ( is seeking several dynamic, results-oriented Academic/Corporate Marketing Liaisons for our new organization.

Are you an energetic and highly motivated self-starter? Are you talented in establishing and nurturing business relationships?

About The National Graduate Preparatory Program (GradPrep):

The National Graduate Preparatory Program (GradPrep) is the national graduate study prep program and fellowship for those seeking higher education to evoke positive change worldwide. This faith-based, national program is supported and led by Deans, Faculty, Administrators, Business Executives and Social Entrepreneurs worldwide.

We have a 3-pronged mission for our members:

• For prospectives to successfully prepare for graduate school through our programs and utilize their degrees to become positive change agents.

• For current students and alumni graduates to network and explore career opportunities at our events, serve as mentors to our prospectives, and become positive change agents as leaders within their communities.

• For Graduate Schools and Corporations to utilize the organization as a means to promote their institutions, recruit quality talent, design innovative curricula, and learn dynamic recruiting and retention methods.

Our Academic/Corporate Marketing Liaisons will possess the necessary skills to galvanize memberships from U.S. Graduate Schools and Companies through sales copy, telephone contact, and personal campus/office visits.

Your objectives would include:

* Developing an authentic, dynamic telephone approach that "opens the door"

* Designing a high quality sales copy that produces desired results

* Visiting colleges and corporations, either in person or by phone, to build relationships and gain memberships

* Achieving weekly goals for new memberships

Colleges and corporations have 2 different options for membership with The National Graduate Preparatory Program (GradPrep). Depending upon which program you enroll them in, as an Academic/Corporate Marketing Liaison, you will receive either $200 or $500 for each school or corporate membership you sign on for us.

For example, within 1 University, there may be 5 'colleges'. If each of those colleges signed the lower tier membership, you would receive $200 for each membership = $1,000. And that is only within 1 University! In the same example, if those 5 colleges chose the higher tier membership, you would receive $500 for each membership = $2,500! Your financial possibilities are endless!

We are looking for an individual with the following skills:

* Excellent communication skills

* Positive, dynamic, and natural personality

* Self-motivation with a "can-do" attitude

* Enjoys accountability and producing results

* Personal confidence, yet maintains a humble, authentic "sales pitch"

* A sales pitch that doesn't sound like a typical "sales pitch"; should be trusting and conversational in tone

* Excellent time management skills

Our Academic/Corporate Marketing Liaisons will be able to work from home. You have the option to obtain client memberships by using effective sales copy, emails, and phone calls, and we also recommend visiting the colleges/corporations in your area. You must have excellent verbal and written English skills. You must feel comfortable within collegiate and corporate environments. We need someone who can embrace the challenge of a start-up organization. We will begin this role as a Summer project, approximately 10-25 hours per week, ending in September. However, if you are successful, this will lead to an ongoing contract with us.

If you are interested in applying for our Academic/Corporate Marketing Liaison role, please submit a cover letter and resume, no later than Friday, May 15, 2009 to

We look forward to hearing from you!

[deleted account]

Hi Jessica, I run a dayhome there's no scam and minmal cost. Grocerries and craft supplies, but you can write those off come tax time.

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