Would like to find something to earn some money at home.

Charlotte - posted on 02/07/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




I am looking to find something to do, at home, to help the income coming into my home.

I have tried Herbalife, Melaleuca, and others, and none of them seem to work. I have 3 kids 10, 9 and 5.

I am looking for something that doesn't require making phone calls, or selling stuff. No MLM, or sending out emails to recruit people to go and look at websites. I just can't seem to get them to work.

They always say, "the proof is in the pudding", well that's what I'd like to see... Something that I know will work, and that has worked for other people.

If you have anything that might fall into that category, please let me know.


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Sarah - posted on 07/10/2014




I am currently a stay at home mom. I started couponing while on maternity leave, which has saved my family hundreds of dollars. Also, taking survey online, there are a lot of great websites for that. Here's a few:

they are all 100% legit and I have earned extra cash from all three of those sites :)

Patrice - posted on 05/12/2009




Hi Charlotte!

Yes I understand with everything else how hard it is looking for legit work at home. I have been a stay at home mom for about 7 yrs and I too started out looking for a work at home job. I found several differnt site some that wanted you to pay for their job boards, And some I did just that. Only to find out I would be making 7 to 8 dollars an hour (on top of trying to keep a 3 yr old and 4yr old quite for 3 to 4 hours) Of course these companies don't want the people calling to know that you are infact at home.

So I then started to take a different approach, I started looking into work at home business. I too not a sell person at all. Found tons of information and business out there. What I did in decideing was to make a list of thing I would do and a list of things that I would never do. That's when I found this great company. It has truly been a God sent. Now if you are serious about working from home I would get my list statred. And go for it Also listen to this call this business has truly changed or family( and still changing) I would like you to give me a honest opion of what you think even if you think this is not for you. 1-800-514-1258

Thanks in advance,

P.S hope you find what you are looking for

[deleted account]

Hi Charlotte!  I am an independent consultant with BeautiControl, and we specialize in skin care products and in-home spa products.  We have spa parties and demonstrate different products that sell-themselves because they are so good.  And we have different levels of selling -  you can just buy for yourself and friends, be a part-time seller, or jump in all the way and make big money, maybe even earn a Mustang!  I am part of a wonderful team and would love to talk to you about joining too.

To see the products visit my webpage at beautinet.com/bc_kathyparker

or you can email me at hparker1@bellsouth.net for more information.  Good luck in your search!

Athena - posted on 02/09/2009




This is a strong company that has been in business 16yrs. We are leading the way in Consumer Driven Health Care.We offer free training. It is available via Internet, telephone, local workshops and training sessions. I'd like to invite you to one of our  free training calls, you can then, see for yourself if this is a good match for you & your family.

Awesome training & second to none support!

Daily Pay, Residual Income, 401(k) and benefits available. Part or Full time available. Please reply for an interview. Must have Internet access.

Click on: www.urkey2live.com | Request an Interview today!

Look forward to hearing from you!

Athena Gonzalez

Angela - posted on 02/07/2009




Hi Charlotte,

The best thing to think about first are interests and skills you already have and then look for something that will actually utilize them. I am a Noah's Ark Animal Workshop party leader. I got into it because I am a mom and a former teacher, so I know about kids!  I know you said you didn't want to call people or sell anything, however, I notice that you have three children that could actually help you, learn a lot of valuable skills with this business and it might be something you would truly enjoy.

It is similar to Build A Bear, in that you conduct workshops for birthday parties, daycares, girl scouts, etc. The kids hand-stuff the animals, wish on a rainbow star, accessorize the animal and complete a birth certificate. The difference is you travel to your customer and work out of your home. I know many party leaders have their children help out by doing such things as count  and prepare materials, assist at workshops (no baby-sitter needed!) and help with the marketing of the business. These are great math, marketing and organizational skills to have for life.

There are no monthly quotas (unless you decide to build a team and earn commissions) or pressure to purchase a large inventory. The start up kit costs $129 and that includes a few animals, outfits, marketing and training materials, a free website and a 60 piece mailing that is sent out to zip codes near you promoting your new business.

If you are interested, you may check out my website at www.barattabears.com. I have been with the company for almost two years and have had a great time with it . It is the easiest job I have ever had!


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