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My sister and I are looking for a stay at home job that does not involved direct sales marketing. I have done alot of those and I am not good at those and NOT interested in trying another. I have bugged everyone I know way to many times and will not hit up another friend/family again! Thanks!


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Joannabarrera - posted on 11/21/2013




I had a good job had just received supervisor promotion, everything was going great until my 4 year old son broke his femur bone and was put in a full body caset called spica cast for 3 months, I had to quit my job to care for him, but it was hard with just my husbands income so I started looking into work from home opportunities. I found what I was looking for and could not be any happier for now I am home with my son and making income at the same time, I have also made many new friends!!

*You do't have to make sales

*You don't have to spend thousands of dollars

*True Residual Income

If you are interested please contact me by email with your phone number and the best time to contact you.

Training and support provided!


Joanna Barrera


Neddy - posted on 01/11/2013




Hi Heidi

Hello and Welcome to 2013!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a great start to the New Year!

This is a wonderful opportunity that will make a change. Not only with your lifestyle but also with others.

Now, I know you mentioned that you do not want to be involved in direct sales marketing and maybe you underestimate yourself to do something like this, but If you have the perfect product that is in high demand and with the perfect company then you may want to consider. Please read on.

The body wraps is one of a kind to tone, firm and tighten where you lose inches in as little as 45 minutes. Hard to believe, but many others and I have seen this done with our own eyes and that is why I took this on…because it works. It is not one of these wraps where you lose weight from water loss only to come back or the full body wrap that is very uncomfortable. It is made up of natural ingredients, which reduces the SIZE of your fat cells, which is very safe, affordable and effective. This also helps to eliminate stretch marks, hard facial lines, varicose veins, blemishes and so much more. There are other awesome products for facial and wellbeing, but too many to name.

The country that ‘ItWorks’ Body Wraps has launched are United States, Canada, England, Australia, Ireland, Sweden, Netherland, Belgium, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and is yet to follow in other countries.

We are looking for potential people to join us on a journey to a new lifestyle that will give you potential in achieving great results personally, financially and quickly. This is REAL and great if you want to just lose weight, feel good, look young or if you want to run your own business with this, then we can help you there too. Either way this is like liquid gold as this is the best on the market with a debt free company that delivers REAL results.

If you are looking for an opportunity to discover how to rescue your failing weight loss and optimize your weight with this #1 product that is generating global attention then this is DEFINITELY where you want to be.

If you are looking for an opportunity in becoming part of a globally recognized company and a team that is thriving to success then why not become a distributor for ‘It Works’. Just Ask Me How.

This Is A Product We All Want & A Product That Can Be Used With Confidence…because IT WORKS!

For more info about the business:
This will show a video about the business. Just need to play.

To know more about the products go to the tab 'shop'. Click anything on the left side and it will show some products. You are able to click on the pictures and it will show you a description and so on.

Also, I would love to invite you to my fb page and would appreciate if you could head on over and click on the like button. Body Wraps - Global.


If you need more info please feel free to message me.

Thank you and have a happy day!

Tracy - posted on 01/11/2013




Hello Heidi,

I am a busy mom of 2 and was looking to be a work-from-home Mom and create a consistent stream of residual income. When I was presented with opportunity I could not it up. I have partnered with a 27 year old company that specializes in Health/Wellness and "Green" products the income is great and I love what I do.

Please click on my link so I can tell you more.


Jessica - posted on 01/07/2013




Hi, I saw you were looking for a work from home job so I thought I would share mine with you. It is a legit business and has been featured in Success From Home Magazine, on Fox News and in the Networking Times and It is the #1 Fitness and Weight Loss Challenge in North America. It is called Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge and I am a promoter of it as well as a customer. This company has only been around a few years, but it is changing lives, mine included and it is so easy to do!!!! All you have to do is promote the Challenge and when customers buy from you, you make a commission. It is very easy to do because so many people are looking to lose weight and get in better shape and you do so by replacing 2 meals a day with a shake that tastes like cake. People flock to it!!! Also, the company guarantees you lose weight in 90 days or you get your money back! They also give away $1000 a week to 10 people who have lost 10lbs!!! Even those not looking to lose weight can use it for quick, easy, healthy meals on the go. It is a very easy job that is a lot of fun and it can provide you with a really great income. I have one business partner who started a year ago and now makes 6 figures!!! It’s an awesome company and you set your own hours, work from home, change people's lives, get paid to throw parties, can win a BMW, make $500-$3000 a month and many other great benefits. If this sounds like something you are interested in, you can watch this video that gives you a complete overview of how everything works. I look forward to talking to you soon, hope you have a great day = )

Shelby - posted on 09/12/2012




Please take a look at the following site - http://www.cleannationonline.com to learn more about the opportunity .

this program was launched on Aug 15 so get in early!

Once for check out the video you can sign up at the following site http://wegreennation.cleannation.biz/

Any questions please email me at wegreennation@gmail.com and I will give you a call!

Thanks and togerther we can change the world and mae money doing it !

[deleted account]

Hi my name is elizabeth and I recently started working from home I have a 6 motnth old and two older step-sons so we all stay real busy but its so much fun!!! This job is great and I am looking for some team members.....You get paid every Friday by check or direct deposit. you will have to fill out a w-9 and Associate Agreement to work for the marketing company. You will need computer and internet. Your selling MCA Motor company of America Memperships. Please contact me if you have any interest and wont some more info. Esimbromca@gmail.com

Sanchez - posted on 08/12/2012




I am Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and have been since March of this year and I absolutely love it. I have a 12 and 10 year daughter and a 9month old son. Im able to be a full time mom and work my business whenever and however I want. The company offers 50% profit on what ever you sale, plus you earn the use of a free company car, the investment is only $100 and many more excellent benefits. Check out my website www.marykay.com/slarry1 or feel free to give me a call at anytime 773-297-8928 for more info.

Allisongould70 - posted on 08/11/2012





Dawn - posted on 08/11/2012




If you are interested in taking a look at what I do check out this website:

It does not involve parties, hard selling or hitting up your friends and family. The leads come to you through the internet.

Feel free to email me if you want to talk more. ddmodlin@gmail.com

Good luck,

Allisongould70 - posted on 07/20/2012




I don't want your money! I wanted to pay 0 to very little to get started in my business. And I finally found it! Call me! I'm single stay at home mommy with a toddler. This pays my bills. Let me show you how to do it!


Agents needed to take calls from home.
Our agents get paid to respond to callers and refer them to local advertisers.
You must have internet access and a working telephone.
You must be able to talk to people and remain professional at all times.
Training is online and completed at your own pace; however the sooner you complete the training the quicker you can get started.

If interested please call Allie at 872-221-4969
Make $160 a day. Easy Work.

User - posted on 07/02/2012




Hi Heidi,
I was in the same boat as you and your sister are in. My BFF had a great friend who was a beachbody coach and is making great money doing it. She kept bugging me to look into becoming a "coach" also. In reality I am not physical in shape as I just had my daughter 3 weeks ago and don't know a lot about fitness BUT after really looking into the company I have decided that this IS a great opportunity and you really can make great money. You will not have to bug any friends or family and you can work from home. There is NO overhead or inventory to keep and all the training is provided. Even if you think you can't do this at least watch the videos to get a better understanding of how you can earn money and also how the company works....it really is a GREAT opportunity!!!! Go to beachbodycoach.com/jamenson

Caroline - posted on 07/01/2012




I am looking for 5 motivated, purpose driven people this month who I can train to build an International business like I have from home.
I am with an 18 year old global home-based business in the exploding industry which has over 1 million associates & growing, 70 patents, easy duplicable system in 20 countries including USA, no deliveries, work around your own families commitments, full training, travel holiday incentives to be won, a rewarding business that makes a difference in other people's lives.... As well as your own.
I have been earning a fortnightly residual income for 14 yrs now and have been on 6 x trips to USA & visited Disneyland, also holiday at huge resort in Cancun in Mexico & climbed the ancient Myan pyramids and went to Beijing to climb The Great Wall of China which I never thought was possible! I live in Australia. I began this business 14 yrs ago when my disabled daughter was 2 yrs old and had no money.

Michelle - posted on 06/28/2012




lol I love your post and your honesty. Sounds like you didn't have agreat direct sales experience. I'm a personal trainer and a specailist in nutrition I do in home training and I charge between 40 and 60 hour pending on location and also offer nutrition guidiance via the phone and internet...You cold do something like that. I signed up years ago w/ Mary Kay and had a horrible experiene some people love it I didn't I swore I would never do it again. Then I found some products I liked through a company called pink papaya...the company is fairly no anyways I signed up just to get the discount there are no quotas I don't have to talk to my upline I don't have to do anything anyways I crack up because I have two people on my team whom I have never met living in different states since they found my website....I don't put much effort in I thnk the reason why is there are only like 1500 consultants nation wide and the products are really good you can check out the webiste if you like www.pinkpapayaparty.com/mhawes.....as for training you can check out www.issa.com

Jennie - posted on 06/19/2012




Heidi the jobs are hard to find but they do exist....I am an independent consultant with an amazing company that does things slightly different. We offer savings so we are not selling. If you are interested let me know. I did run across a job site the other day that I found off another mom forum...if I find it I will let you know!

Good luck in your job search!

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