work at home job vs work at home business

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Most are searching for a work at home job but when seeking this option you are still limiting yourself to limited wages that your company is willing to pay you. You will continue to earn a linear income. This income is still linear (trading hours for dollars) whethr it is from your home or from the office.

When working a home business (not a home job) you will earn much more. You will earn unlimited income in addition to residual income. Residual income is when you sell a product and get paid for it over and over for as long as the customer owns the service. For example, the gas and electric company sold you a service when you first moved into your home. The company continues to receive residual income from you each month you pay your bill.

There are 2 types of home businesses, the traditional private owner business or the network marketing business (aka MLM).

The traditional business can involve you or those you hire. This business is much expensive because you have to pay for all expenses (advertising, set up costs, equipment, paying workers, etc.)

With the network marketing, someone else have did all of the background work and set up. You are only required to promote the product/service, and recruit others to promote the products/service.

With the traditional business you will only get paid on your own efforts but with network marketing business you will get paid on your efforts in addition to the efforts of others on your team.

Success is in the numbers!

Both types of business will have some sort of set up fee but your traditional business is usually higher. Also, there are no tax benefits with a work at home job. You will benefit more from a home business.

So, if you have little funds to begin, I suggest you start increasing your income and start working with a network marketing company.

I know of an excellent company

No experience and if you have a computer, you have a home based business.


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Hi my name is Yvonne and I'm looking for a legitimate stay at home job so that I can be home with my kids. Please email me at

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I agree that an at home business is the way to go you become your own boss and grow your business at the pace you want and the income you want.

I started my own at home business with a direct sells company over 2 years ago and have an amazing team of people, the income is great and I've grown my business right along being a mom of five kids under the age of 10. It is so worth it stop struggling and start on the road to a better future.

If you are looking for an more information you can go to

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