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Ashleigh - posted on 04/02/2011 ( 27 moms have responded )




I'd like to work from home so i can spend more time with my kids. i tried selling jewelery and i dont like doing parties or going door to door. i dont want to sell make up or something to that affect because it hasnt worked in the past. does anyone know a legit NO SCAM work from home job that is free?

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Krista - posted on 12/03/2013




I have been paid! This is an awesome company! You simply need Paypal or a Solidtrust account to make and receive payments. Do you know others looking to work from home? Are they willing to invest $9 into their future? If you join my personal team today (And one of the first 4 people to join), I pay your way into our second program (IF YOU ARE INTERESTED). That way you earn commission for recruiting others into both programs! You receive ongoing training and support in our facebook support group! Simply pay your $9 fee today! First 4 get in free to our second program! Add me as a friend, message me, or join immediately at


*Facebook support group
*Back office to manage recruits and payments
*One time $9 investment
*Post free ads in facebook and elsewhere each day!
*International program - Join from anywhere in the world!

Jodi - posted on 12/02/2013




Hi Ashleigh,
I can absolutely appreciate you not wanting to sell a product! I have been in sales and wanted no part in having quotas, home parties where my friends and family would feel obligated to spend money to help me out!! I have been working with a legitimate MLM company that doe not require any of the above.
If you live in one of these states, why don't we have a quick 20 minute call and see if you like the company. You will not offend me if you do not.
Texas, Georgia, Pa, NJ, NY, DC, MD
we are in the beginning of a Northeast expansion but currently do business in these states today!
Hope to hear from you
Jodi Silverman

[deleted account]

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Caroline - posted on 07/01/2012




I am looking for 5 motivated, purpose driven people this month who I can train to build an International business like I have from home.
I am with an 18 year old global home-based business in the exploding industry which has over 1 million associates & growing, 70 patents, easy duplicable system in 20 countries including USA, no deliveries, work around your own families commitments, full training, travel holiday incentives to be won, a rewarding business that makes a difference in other people's lives.... As well as your own.
I have been earning a fortnightly residual income for 14 yrs now and have been on 6 x trips to USA & visited Disneyland, also holiday at huge resort in Cancun in Mexico & climbed the ancient Myan pyramids and went to Beijing to climb The Great Wall of China which I never thought was possible! I live in Australia. I began this business 14 yrs ago when my disabled daughter was 2 yrs old and had no money.

Nez - posted on 06/30/2012




I'm in the same boat. I've been a stay at home mom now for the past 5 years while my husband works. I went to college graduated and everything but my schedule is just hectic so I stay home with the kids because day care is n arm and a leg. My son starts kindergarten int the fall and my daughter will be in prek next fall 2013. I just opened my shop, and I'm hoping to generate some income for myself plus I love making stuff...I've check out some of those work at home sites and a lot of them seem like scams....

Amanda - posted on 06/28/2012




I hope you find something. I'm in the same situation for what I want to do, but it doesn't seem to be available. I did find, which is basically an online job placement agency for telecommuting jobs, but it does cost something like $15 a year to be a member and apply for the jobs. You can browse for free (which I do) but you cannot apply for a position unless you are a paid member =(

Jessica - posted on 06/25/2012




For stay at home moms who do not want to sell anything like avon or ect ... QVC and those home shopping network channels actually have stay at home jobs for free it's only in certain areas but it is free

KRISTAN - posted on 06/21/2012




check out my website ashleigh! i am a mother of one and an independent distributor for It Works! best decision i ever made!! my upline makes over $20,000 a MONTH!! and im on my way!! i would loove to talk to you more about this! i think you will love it! and the best part is you get to stay at home w your babies!! you can inbox me on fb if you would like!! kristan parks! and so can anyone on here that is ready to make the best decision to becoming financially independent! we are the fastest growing company for direct sales in the WORLD!! IT WORKS!! and it really does!! =) hope ya having a great day!!

Jennifer - posted on 06/20/2012




Hey sugar. I hated home parties too when i did tupperware. Than i started doing UnderCoverWear, its like tupperware but lingerie,"personal massagers" and spa products. We have a good supporting team and get leads really easy, if you want message me and i can go over the details, and its only $39.95 to get started, we also have Hotel vouchers anywhere even hawaii for only $3.00 and american airlines vouchers for $10.00, and you dont have to sale so much to get them,you can get them at any time :)

Staci - posted on 06/16/2012




Ashleigh, Cannot wait to connect. Check out my profile and you will see i'm legit. I have a great job for you. HOT, Silicon Valley start up. Flexible hours.....No Jewelry Shows to speak of....We are all moving to the Cloud!!! Look forward to hearing from you.

Jackie - posted on 06/15/2012




Hi Ashleigh!
My name is Jackie. I work from home with an amazing team of moms. We are the largest team of moms working together on the internet, we dont have parties, keep inventory, or deliver products. We simply promote a great wholesale wellness company and set up memberships. This home business opportunity is 100% risk free! If you are interested in finding out more about how our team can help you work from home visit my website: and click "get more info" We are looking for motivated moms to partner up with in 2012!

Good luck in you whatever you choose.

Looking forward to hearing from you! :)

Heather - posted on 06/14/2012




I just started with It Works! and I love it. I could never sell makeup because I don't wear it so I can't suggest someone else buy it. The Ultimate Body Applicator is something I completely believe in because I did not believe it would work until I actually tried it. After 1 hour of having the wrap on I had lost 2 inches in my waste and my stomach was smoother and firmer. This wrap detoxifies the area of your body you place it on and has immediate results. After that I was excited to get this product to everyone I know and I think it takes that kind of enthusiasm to make money, to truly believe in the product that you are offering others. If you are interested in starting a business or just in the product take a look at my site and if you have any questions at all please email me.

Laura May - posted on 04/08/2011




Hi Ashleigh,

There are lots of companies to choose from and I'm sure everyone involved feel they have the best plan and product on the market.

What I have to offer is not only a wonderful company and product, but real training. Training to help you get started, become and stay successful. My job is not to recruit you, but to "share" my opportunity and then go to work for you to help you be successful. If this sounds interesting, please contact me at either or call me at 970-988-8797

Jennifer - posted on 04/08/2011




Looks like you are getting lots of ideas I hope you find one that work the BEST for you. I have a business in direct sales and have been in others before and my ONLY advice not matter what you choose is to love the product and make sure it is a solid company with proven growth. If you find those two things you are much more likely to find great success because you love it.

I am an Independent Director with Scentsy Wickless Candles that has been in the U.S. for 6 years, we have just opened up internationally with off the charts growth records.

Scentsy has redefined "Party" there are tons of ways to do this business online, locally, social media, basket parties (never have to be in attendanc - my website gives more details on this.) fundraisers, seriously unnumbered ways to grow this business. No it isn't for free simply because you need to have the tools to get started and that is what you get. A warmer, etc. to have everything you need to get started for $99 US, $119 CA & £85 (UK & Germany) Check out my video on what is included (plus we've added more that you get now that what is shown)

I will send you a message with a way to find out more info but if you go to you can see the product and opportunity info. I have been doing this business from home with five kids and get more excited about it every day.
My email is please feel free to email me for more information. I can help go over the details of what it will take EXACTLY to reach what ever your financial goals are.

P.S. We are just opening up in the UK and Germany this month for any moms out there from Europe!!! :)

Jennifer Reed
Independent Director

Kristine - posted on 04/07/2011




Hey everyone. As a Mom of two children and needed some extra money...... you really need to check out It is a completely free service that is amazing.. You can earn money, win jackpots, and earn prizes. It is the most amazing concept I have ever seen. It is paid for by the advertisers that are on the site and like I said TOTALLY FREE. Please check it out!!

Michelle - posted on 04/06/2011




I also don't enjoy doing the parties which is why I signed on with Internet CEO Moms. We are teamed up with an International Wellness Company and provide support and training so that you can succeed! The basis of the business is that you would be signing customers up for the wellness company's membership. You do have to order products every month but they are products that you are already buying at some place every month so it would just be a matter of switching stores. Examples are: Laundry Detergent, All Purpose Cleaner, Dish Soap, Body Care, Facial Care, Vitamins and Supplements and so many more items! If you are interested please feel free to visit my website at

Hope to speak with you soon!

Shaliz - posted on 04/06/2011




I myself dont like home parties or going door to door. I send out my website to friends and family and they pass it along for me. And I wear the jewellery everywhere that I go, its so beautiful that it does get noticed and I always keep a catalog on hand with me. It's a line of designer magnetic jewellery for Germany with items for adults, kids and pets. I've got 3 boys and also help my husband with this business. Take a look and see if its something that you can do:

Linda - posted on 04/05/2011




Hi Ashleigh,

I'm a work at home mom of 4, I also own my own home-based business. We have our own websites tied into the company, so we don't have to deal with orders, money, stocking product etc. You don't have to do home partys if you don't want to, you can just send people to your website. (I work mainly over the phone and the internet....or just out and about while i'm running errands.) Our products help people feel better, improve their health, or lose weight. (If you help a woman lose weight....she will tell everyone she knows! lol) We also have skin care, nutritional, and anti-aging products. (I focus a lot on the Full Body Nutritional Cleanse, which everyone needs! It's not a colon cleanse by the way, you are not stuck in the bathroom! lol) We work in teams, so no one has to work alone. Our start up fee is only $39, (or $19 with a qualifying system) Take a look at my website, watch a couple of videos, and see if it's something that interests you. I'd love to help you start your own business and be able to spend more time with your kids....and become successful!

Have a fantastic day!


Keely - posted on 04/04/2011




If you are interested let me know. I just started and i am on my way to staying at home with my kids. You can make a very good income from helping others feel good about themselves!! Give it a try. Sign up as a Beachbody coach today and start making money!

Angel - posted on 04/04/2011




Hi Ashleigh - I am also a SAHM with a 3 and 1 year old. Last October I decided to become a Scentsy consultant and have loved every second! Not only do I get to stay at home with my children but I love my job which does not make if even feel like work. Scentsy offers different party types so if you do not like doing parties they offer a basket party which is similar to a catalog party. Scentsy works a little different were you actually receive a pay check which I love. If you would like more info just let me know, I would love to answer any questions. Before I joined my husband made me research every aspect of it, lol!

Livia - posted on 04/03/2011




I am sorry to hear that you don't want to sell make up. I sell Avon and make decent earnings. If you change your mind let me know. It's $20 investment with website and there are no minimums, no parties. I hate doing parties too.

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