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Sara - posted on 07/21/2010 ( 24 moms have responded )




I have the opportunity to stay @ home w/my 2 & 4 yr old, however I would like to make a little money. Anyone know of something that isn't a scam.




User - posted on 09/13/2011




Hi Sara, I have a little shop on line where i market my crochet items I know lot of Stay at home mothers do a lot of knitting, or crocheting or jewelry and sell on line. hope this helps

Lacy - posted on 03/14/2012




Hi Sara,

Check out my site at:

This product sells itself, all well helping you earn an amazing income and getting yourself and your family and friends healthy!! I am quickly on my way to replacing a six figure corporate America position with this company, and I'm SO excited about it! Please message me with any questions at all...I'm happy to help!!

Good luck sweetie!!


Brandi - posted on 07/23/2010




Hi Sara,

I have a great opportunity if you are interested in fitness & nutrition. My company will actually give you paying customers, and I bet not many other opportunities can lay claim to that. I have an amazing team that really wants you to succeed. I am dedicated to my teams success and so is my upline. Most people have heard of P90X, Slim in 6, Insanity, Turbo Jam etc. These products are huge right now and they sell themselves. The company pays thousands of dollars in advertising for us and then assings customers that call in via infomercials to us coaches. The weight loss industry is a billion dollar industry and one that hasn't suffered from the poor economy. I am a CPA and was able to go down to part time thanks to this opportunity.

Feel free to contact me if you think this is something that would interest you.



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Allisongould70 - posted on 07/20/2012




I don't want your money! I wanted to pay 0 to very little to get started in my business. And I finally found it! Call me! I'm single stay at home mommy with a toddler. This pays my bills. Let me show you how to do it!


Agents needed to take calls from home.
Our agents get paid to respond to callers and refer them to local advertisers.
You must have internet access and a working telephone.
You must be able to talk to people and remain professional at all times.
Training is online and completed at your own pace; however the sooner you complete the training the quicker you can get started.

If interested please call Allie at 872-221-4969

Heather - posted on 07/04/2012




Hi I am a stay at home mom and I make my money through Beachbody & Shakeology...its not a pyramid we all work as a team and we all benefit from each others successes which is nice because even if your having a slow month your other partener or team member helps you even out. Here is a video to check it out its only 5 minutes were rated A+ on the BBB and I just made $140 yesterday and more commissions today you get 25% everytime someone purchases something from you and then if they continue there membership or the shakes you get that commission monthly! Once you reach a certain level which is only level 2 which I can help you get to in under a week (thats how long it took me) you get leads and customers from the company from people who order off the infomercials...the product is P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire and SO much more! But as you can see these are highly recognized workouts and give amazing results!!! If you r intersted or know someone who maybe interested pleae email me at or sign up to be apart of my team at


Heather Diniz

Daphne - posted on 07/03/2012




Hi Sara,
I am a sahm and I have a 18 month old daughter. I work from home sending emails. You will have to dedicate at least 5-10 hours per week sending emails. Depending on how much time you put into working you can make up to $12-$24 per email sent. You decide which days you want to work which is great when you have children. I enjoy the flexibility this job has given me. You are paid weekly. Training is about a week long and all that is required of you is knowing how to use a computer and having a reliable internet connection. If this sounds like something you would like to do let me know and I can get you started. I am not going to waste your time this is a legitimate opportunity and I look forward to helping you reach your goals.

Thank you.
Daphne Burks
T :( 757) 504-4725

Caroline - posted on 06/11/2012




I with in an 18 year old global home-based business in the exploding industry which has over 1 million associates & growing, 70 patents, easy duplicable system in 20 countries including USA, no deliveries, work around your own families commitments, full training, travel holiday incentives to be won, a rewarding business that makes a difference in other people's lives.... As well as your own. I began this business 14 yrs ago when my disabled daughter was 2 yrs old.

Jamie - posted on 09/19/2011




Many Moms need to find a way to help their family financially with today's economy and Inspire Moms Group helps Moms do just that! We are looking for tenacious, outgoing, and hardworking Mom's that want to earn a great income from their home, while having flexibility to be there for their family. We are expanding and want to talk with you today!

For more information and to set up a time to speak with us directly, please visit There you can let us know the best way to contact you. You will receive an email back from us within a few hours to confirm a specific day and time you are available.

Please look for the email so we can schedule a time to talk as soon as possible. We will talk one-on-one over the phone or in person in the Orland Park, Illinois area. We understand that you may only be available at night after the kids are asleep or on the weekends, and we will be available to accommodate your schedule and talk with you at those times.

We are looking for Moms that meet these qualifications:

*10-20 hours available per week -- 100% from Home (and we understand your kids may be home with you too!)
*Coach-able and Hardworking
*Great Organizational Skills
*Excellent People Skills
*Access to a Computer while on the Phone

We know that every Mom's time is valuable, so please be assured there is NO Selling, NO Stocking, or NO Delivering Products, NO Collecting Money/Placing Orders, NO Multi-Level Marketing, NO Risk!

Please note: We value your privacy and your contact information is never used other than to speak with you about this specific post!

Rhondan0623 - posted on 09/15/2011




I sell Scentsy and I love it. You can run your whole business off of a website and sending out catalogs from your home. If you have any questions please let me know!

Michelle - posted on 09/11/2011




I"m a cert. personal trainer I do that in home and make good money. I also sell pink papaya which is spa products made in the USA w/ no animal testing. feel free to message me if either one is appealing i can tell you the steps for both

User - posted on 09/04/2011




hey message me on here i will tell you step by step what i do to make money i have two kids and i stay at home and take care of them to

[deleted account]

If you are in Calgary, AB I have a way to LEGALLY turn $5G into $40G in approx. 2 months. No parties, no selling or buying anything. And it's $40G tax free. This is how I am able to stay home with my daughter after mat leave. If you are in the Calgary area and want more and I will send you the info

[deleted account]

all Mom's! Go to click on Acn Business Opportunity, click on join, click on U.S., and use ID 02164409 rep email In this company you are in business for yourself, not by yourself. My name is Laura.

Kerry - posted on 07/26/2010




This new company is very new to the market and If you love bags, organization, etc..this is great! I was looking for an opportunity to make some extra money -- Thirty-One Gifts was the opportunity I was looking for. I loved the philosophy behind the company and the people within it!
Thirty One Gifts offers a unique product line, ranging from purses and hand bags to stationary and personalized accessories. Thirty One products are outstanding, unique, and are very-high, if not the highest, quality. The Thirty One Gifts mission is to celebrate, encourage and reward, because of this we put all effort to ensure our products are cleverly designed, gift-able, affordable and of very high quality. Gifts from Thirty One will always bring a smile to the recipients face.
The best part is that I create my own hours. I can work as little or as much as I would like. The income possibilities are endless. There are also fantastic rewards and incentives with this company. The company is so new in the marketplace that no one has really heard of it and the consultants are not saturating the area. Our start- up fee is $99 and they have a promo now to earn $50 cash back!
Check out my website at for more information and see the amazing Thirty-One products. Feel free to message me at any time :-)

Sara - posted on 07/22/2010





Thanks for the information. I don't think gift baskets are my thing but I will look @ the website more in depth.



Jennifer - posted on 07/22/2010





I'm a consultant for La Bella Baskets and this is working for me and yes I'm getting paid, I'm actually for once on my way to making an income for my family with La Bella Baskets and helping other moms do the same for their family! If you want to work from home, this is the home business to get into! All I ask is give it a try, you can always cancel at anytime and there is no contracts ever!! Please take a look at this legit opportunity, you will be so Happy you did!!

No inventory

No Quotas

No Parties

Jump start your career for $1.97 for 7 days!!! Than decide to stay after 7 days only $19.99 a month

What La Bella Baskets Offers for $19.99 a month!!!



personal coach

pays you $15 dollars for each referral you get under you!!

Make 20%-35% off orders on your site!!! If you want to sell.. You don't have to!!

20% off your personal orders you make!!

Bi weekly pay

they fill your orders

they create the baskets

you get a beautiful website

they help you market your business

they carry the inventory

they ship your gift baskets

they operate online, so you can too

new gift baskets are always added to your store

they make it simple so you can succeed

You don't have to buy products

How Nice is this!!!

We have contests, winning free stuff like jewelry


You get paid bi weekly with a check

You get 200 FREE Leads Every Month

You don't even have to sell or buy the products, how nice is that!

If you like more info on this unique opportunity or have any questions at all, please email me here:

Signup here if your ready: Put id# 1847 and refer Jennifer McClain

Your also invited to join my La Bella Baskets Cafemom Group!

Look forward in working with you and helping you achieve an income from home!!

Have a Wonderful Day


Frances - posted on 07/21/2010




Hi Sara,
There are many legitimate home based business opportunities available that a person can be involved in. I would like to introduce you to the company that I represent. I will send you some information if you are willing to provide me with your email address. You can contact me at I am an independent distributor in the health and wellness industry.

Frances Jones

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