Working and Breastfeeding

This community is for moms who work full or part time and are still nursing and pumping (or who want to learn more about pumping at work).


Workplace support for working moms?

Hi all, I am researching what support and resources are available from employers for working parents/caregivers and have a brief questionnaire that will help inform this...


Losing my supply.

I've been back to work for 3 months and have lost so much of my milk supply. Any suggestions for how to keep what I have and possibly regain some of what I've lost?


Low milk supply

Ok some background info first, my son is 6 months old and has been exclusively on breast milk since birth. (from breast when I'm with him and bottle when I'm at work) I went...


About to give up!

I had my second child 3 weeks ago, with my first I only breastfed for a week, with my second I wanted to go as long as I could but I feel like giving up already! She hasn't been...


A tired working pumping mom

Im a first time mom to a beautiful 8 month old girl. I returned to work when my daughter was 3 months old. I did not give my daughter any formula and pumped 3-4 times a day. It...



hi friends, i have newly joined in your community. please share your thoughts with me.


Cleaning pump pieces

I am pumping 3 times at work. Do you clean all pieces after every pump? My lactation consultant told me to just clean the piece that touches the breast.


Can't pump while working :( Help

Hello everybody, I have a dilemma. If anybody can perhaps help me with a step by step process about how to go about this. I have been EBF my son for almost 5 months now. Times...