Working mommys with stay@home daddys

This group is for all those working moms that can not afford to have a babysitter and or just don't trust anyone else to watch their children. For those mommy's who work and the daddy's play Mr. Mom. Now a days more women are the ones who being home the bacon. This is just a place for moms to talk about whatever they want... to vent about a stressful day @ work, to talk about life as a parent., to ask question and get advice from others on a problem. Whatever you want to talk about.


Daring to Dream bigger!!

In our archaic ways of thinking sometimes we get caught up in the fact that we are the one's providing while he sits at home and enjoys the kids. The exhaustion sets in and we...


I need a new job.

This is my first child and i am miserable at my job! My husband has given me the go-ahead, but i need to find a way to bring in a little bit of money, we struggled for a year...