Is THIS how they really feel?

Tammy - posted on 08/19/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




I didn’t have a BlackBerry. It would’ve clashed with my shaggy, uncombed hair, week’s growth of stubble, track pants and T-shirt. Still, as alien as these guys seemed to me, there was one thing we—and all new dads—had in common, in addition to our kids: We had absolutely no interest in becoming buddies with one another.

You see, dads are a different breed than moms. Most dads barely acknowledge one another. Not in a rude way. We’re just not all that interested. Any eye contact is made inadvertently and warily. New moms, isolated from the adult world, lacking adult contact and conversation for so many months, are desperate to connect with other moms. Dads, until they lost their jobs, had been interacting with adults on a daily basis since college. Now they had a chance to not interact with adults. To not talk about tax breaks or marketing proposals or whatever bullshit they specialized in. And from what I could see (and felt), we all relished it. Much preferred talking gibberish to our 6-month-olds than talking stocks and derivatives to the guy next to us.

With dads, there would be no exchanging of contact information. (Unlike moms, who pass out their phone numbers like floozies at a singles bar.)


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