Working Moms with Stay At Home Dads

Moms who work while the husband or father stays at home to raise the kids.


Naps only in the car?

My husband is a stay at home dad with our 11 month daughter and has been since she was 6 months old. I recently had a 3 week long break for the holidays from work, I'm a...


Tired and need advice

My husband is a stay at home dad and he is great at it. He is an amazing father, but once I get home he checks out most nights and weekends. I feel like he gets a lot of "me...



Is there anyone in Hawaii that I could set my husband up on a man-date with? He REALLY needs to get out and have a life of his own :)


Bad Mom for working???

Recently at a family gathering, I got into the conversation with a group of my husband's relatives about me working outside of the home and my husband being the one who stays at...


Is THIS how they feel? I didn’t have a BlackBerry. It would’ve clashed with my shaggy, uncombed hair, week’s growth of...


Potty Training

Anyone have any tips for potty training? My son is almost 3 and he pees regularly on the potty but he will not poo on the potty. He always tells me after he poos that he's pooed.