Naps only in the car?

Andrea - posted on 01/17/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My husband is a stay at home dad with our 11 month daughter and has been since she was 6 months old. I recently had a 3 week long break for the holidays from work, I'm a teacher, and now she will not take a nap for her dad during the day. He has to put her in the around...and then sit in the car until she wakes up...approx 1 hr later. As a result he gets nothing done during the day in the house. Almost everything has to wait until I get home at 4. Before my 3 week holiday she was sleeping for her dad in our bed without a problem.

More info: I nurse...and she always nurses to sleep with me. We have tried setting up a naptime routine, laying with her, feeding her from a bottle. We even tried crying it out...for 10 minutes (which is all either of us could take). Any suggestions? Oh nightime sleep is usually not a problem because I am always there as part of the bedtime routine.

Thanks. : ) Andrea


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Synchronicity44 - posted on 07/29/2015




My daughter is 2 and still needs a bottle to fall asleep. She will do it with me happliy for nap time but cry with my husband who is with her all day i think bc she is used to sleeping with me at night. she fusses and cries a bit but eventually gives up. if they are tired you have to keep trying through the crying but def have him try with the bottle

Celeste - posted on 03/17/2011




I have no help for you :( All I can say is we are about to embark on the stay at home dad journey. My son is 15 months and also nurses to sleep. Sometimes, he doesn't want to nurse and I lay him in the crib and hang out on the floor while he fusses and eventually goes to sleep on his own. But this happens once in a blue moon. I'm sure hubby will have the same problem as your husband. Maybe he can try rocking or singing softly. Fortunately for us, I'm working from home so I think there will be lots of me slipping into the room to nurse then slipping out once he falls asleep. All I can say is we've been having rocky sleep for the last week or two and I remember at 11 months it was pretty rocky too. Little ones get easily disturbed with teething or meeting milestones. General growing pains :) Good luck and I hope you find something that works but even I had to do the car thing for a while! It will pass!!

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