18 month old with huge bloated belly

Tracy - posted on 02/16/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter is 18 months and is ALWAYS bloated. She wakes up with a flat stomache and as the day goes on it gets bigger and bigger. At the end of the day she looks 9 months pregnant. the doctor didnt seem to be concerned. Should i get a second opinion? She doesnt seem to be in pain and she poops everyday. any suggestions?



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Alison - posted on 02/16/2011




I assume you understand that an 18 months old should not have a flat stomach and that when you say your daughter is bloated, it is because she is bloated...
You may want to try cutting out dairy or gluten. Start with one for about 2 weeks. If there is no noticeable change, try the other.

Ashley - posted on 02/16/2011




mine is the same way! it doesnt matter how much she eats/drinks/poops/runs around... by bedtime, she is huge! i have noticed that when she gets a growth spurt in length, it gets a little better, but catches up again quickly. i, too, have asked my doctor about it. she has approved her food and milk intake, as well as her activity. She just says she is fine. just my chunky monkey. My Bit is in the 80/85th percentiles in height and weight. I think that as long as their isnt a huge spike on the charts, she is just fine. She will eat anything that is around, so we have to be careful. She doesnt regulate herself very well (yet). But she is a happy camper, so we just give lots of belly tickles and try not to worry about it.

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