2yr old and temper tantrums

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My 2 yr old daughter has started having terrible temper tantrums the whole stomping feet, kicking, screaming at top of lungs, inconsolable, says she wants something but changes her mind, it just goes on and on. Then the last few nights she either won't go to sleep or wakes up around 2-3 and stays awake for hours. I am also 14 weeks pregnant with #3. I've tried everything I know any new suggestions?


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Lisa - posted on 07/20/2009




I agree with Kathleen, my 2 year old boy has them very seldomly but when he does, I either send him to his room to cry it out, and he comes out when he is done, he always says sorry, and we talk about it, then it's over and doesn't happen again. I find they happen when he is hungry and food is not ready yet, or very sleepy and fighting it, but since he is on a schedule like I said it's rare for him to throw a fit. If he doesn't want to go to his room, I get a chair, and sit him down in the corner until he is ready to talk, and be calm...either of these works everytime, good luck it does get better I promise

Kathleen - posted on 07/20/2009




I to have a tempermental two year old. The worst thing to do is get into a war of wills. I just walk away and refuse to respond until he calms down. Then we talk about what happened and how to avoid it. I find it gets worse when they are over tired. Good luck and remember it will get easier.

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