4 montth old stopped sleeping through the night!

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I am wondering if any body has experienced this with their 4 month old.

My son was sleeping through the night for the last month, from about 10pm until 5 or 6am. Then this past Monday he caught some sort of bug. He had a low grade fever and would not sleep at all. He was up all day and all night being very restless. I brought him to the doctor and she checked him out and said maybe he has some sort of virus. He was weak but he never lost his appetite which was good. I took him back to the doctor on Wednesday and she looked at him again and said he looked really good he was fine.

Well he still won't sleep through the night he gets up at 2-3 times a night now and still seems a little on the weak side.

He also is drooling a ton and chewing on his hands like crazy! The doctor said that he is not teething but maybe he is feeling some pressure on his gums. So I am not sure if this would keep him at night. because he was doing this before but still sleeping through the night. I als give him cereal before bed along with a 5oz bottole. Any advice would be great because I am a little confused. Is he sick and the doctor is over looking it or is it something else? Thank you again!


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At around 4-5 months is when my son stopped sleeping through the night, he was then up every 3 hours or so every night, this lasted about two months. He did get two teeth around this time, but that never seemed to bother him. He started moving around a lot more at that age and rolling over, etc . . he seemed to wake himself up every time he did this. Honestly during this time I would usually just get him the first time and put him in bed with me as he would always go right back to sleep once I rolled him back over (but then I didn't have to get up every 2-3 hours). Around 7 1/2 months he started sleeping through the night again in his crib. He is now 9 months and sleeps for 10-11 hrs every night in his crib.

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Same thing happened to my daughter..not all kids have a regular sleep partern. This may continue for a few more weeks maybe even months, I would suggest you keep with your routine and he'll get back to sleeping through. My daughter is 2 and up to now some days she sleeps all night, sometimes she wakes up at 4 and I have to put her back down. It's all part of the mommy's roller coaster.

Now chewing and drooling that definetely sounds like teething even though it seems too early but with kids you know...if he doesn't have a fever and the doctor told you he's ok then he probably is, he's getting adjusted to our world...give him time.

Good luck!

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teeth can make troubles for months before come up...in that period(of 4 months old) sleeping disorder is very usual thing



My daughter used to sleep for 10-11 hours by night till her 7th month, now she is two and still has no sleeping habits in a terms of a regural basis:)) so...u`ll have to get use to it that their scedule is not same as yours:))doesn`t have to mean that there`s something wrong with them:)

I forgot to say that she started waking up in that period of 7th months and she still does...looking for a  water, a milk,a juice...whatever...even for cartoons in the middle of the night and doctor told me that it is just her way to discover the world and to see what are her options in a sense of daring me and finding  how far she can go:)

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