5 months Daughter, Do i have to introduce her to meat and veg ?


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Quoting Kim:

Babies don't need solids at all until 6 months and later. 

YAY!  It's exciting t hat there's so much good info out there about waiting to feed solids to infants.

I teach nutrition education and life skills, and this change in feeding schedule is hard for a lot of parents to accept, especially if they have older kids or there are grandparents who insist on the 'cereal in the bottle' method of getting an infant to sleep through the night.


It's not about sleeping through the night.

It is about the development of the child- how ready their bodies are to handle solid food. 

This includes the ability to digest it, but more importantly, having the skills to get in into the tummy safely. 

A 4 month old child has a strong sucking instinct, but may not have yet developed the ability to handle cereal in the mouth.

A good rule of thumb- if your infant does the 'tongue thrust' when you spoon cereal in her mouth, she's not ready(You mayh be more familiar with this one in the context of how your child can forcefully thrust the pacifier out of their mouth).  If, however, she is doing an up and down motion with her tongue, sort of like pushing the cereal to the roof of her mouth, she may be ready.

Of course, I am not suggesting you test your baby like this.  These developments in mouth coordination are simply necessary before a child can handle cereal.  Otherwise she may choke!

Better than testing your child in this way is to rely on your doctor's recommendation to wait until she is 6 months old and is READY before introducing solid food.

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also please watch your baby for signs of gas or colic, some babies get gassy after certain veggies, like beans, corn.....if you notice that, you may want to check with your pedi if you can continue or need to change the food.

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hmm i have some chart of what food to give the baby from 0-12 months but i don't know how to download it! it is really nice and helpful!

Karen - posted on 02/24/2009




I would start with veggies, then fruits...in my experience it's really hard to get a baby to eat green beans after tasting peaches!

Kim - posted on 02/24/2009




Babies don't need solids at all until 6 months and later.  And meats and vegs come after cereal and fruits...usually.  The first foods should be cereals, but very soupy.  Then once they get used to that, thicker cereal.  Then fruits, either baby food or homemade pureed.  You would slowly thicken the foods once she gets used to it...you don't need to introduce meats until much later...and I would into fruits before veggies so she gets used to pleasant foods...then start with sweeter veggies like sweet potatoes and corn...then mild ones like green beans and any other legumes. 

Jen - posted on 02/23/2009




My doctor said my daughter shouldn't eat meat for the first year. We didn't introduce meat until she was about 10.5 months and could eat table foods (My mom said my brother and I never liked the jar meat anyway). We started feeding her solids at 4.5 months. She started on rice cereal and then we did green veggies, sweet veggies, and then fruits. By 6 months when she was supposed to be starting food, she was eating second stage food. You'll know when your baby is ready. They'll let you know that the bottle just isn't cutting it anymore. My daughter was just starting to drink 8 oz. of formula and nurse for 40 mins. when we started the solids.

I'd also suggest making your own if you can. We actually bought and did homemade. It's simple to do and there's loads of websites to tell you how to do it. You basically just steam the fruit or veggie, puree it in the blender, and freeze what you're not using at the next feeding. Good luck.

Lauren - posted on 02/23/2009




Hi, I weaned my daughter at 4.5 months - only puried fruit and then veg.  Only at 6 months did I slowly introduce meat / fish as recommended by my health vistor.  Health professionals recommend that you only start feeding solids at 6 months, but I think it depends on your child... if they were sleeping through the night and then start waking for a feed and not lasting the 'normal' time for a feed I would start introducing solids..  I would recommending the recipies from annabel karmel.  good luck!

Bev - posted on 02/23/2009




hi britney, i think its a good idea to, just puree everthin you have and she will be getting all the goodness she needs and its cheaper than buying it from a jar!!! good luck, bev

Kona - posted on 02/23/2009




Most health professionals recommend waiting until 6 month to introduce solids, and once you do introduce solids, recommend starting with cereals and/or meats.

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