6 yr olds Birthday party but on a budget

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I'm having a birthday party for my son who will be 6 on Saturday. Does anyone have so good ideas on games that they can play that's not going to cost me a fortune to do. I'm on a tight budget and trying to come up with ways to give him a great day without going broke doing it.


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Jaime - posted on 02/25/2010




Thank you so much for the great ideas. His party is a pirate theme so i defenitely will use the treasure chest idea. Already got the chips and cool aid going.

Alison - posted on 02/25/2010




Amy's on a roll!!! Remember to serve hotdogs, chips and Kool-Aid. That is what we always had at our b-day party's growing up. It's so simple, so cheap and so 6-year-old friendly!

Amy - posted on 02/25/2010




Scavenger Hunt Games - Scavenger hunts can be played many different ways and are always fun games to play at a party. The main idea of the scavenger hunt games is to divide into teams / teams race to find (or do) the items on a list.

Mummy Wrap Game

One of the easiest and most fun games! See which team can wrap their mummy in toilet paper first. Divide birthday party guests into teams of 2 or 3 and give them 2 rolls of toilet paper. Let teams decide on who will be the mummy and then race to see who can wrap their mummy in toilet paper the quickest using all the paper. Stock up on paper and play this game a few times switching out mummy's.

Pirate Treasure Game

Fill a small pool or sandbox with sand and hide coins, birthday party favors, crystals, rings, jewelry - anything that goes with your birthday party theme in the sand. Have the kids use sifters and small shovels to sift through the sand and find the birthday treasures. Can be used for Pirate, Dinosaur, Gold miners and other birthday themes by changing the games prizes hidden in the sand.

Obstacle Course Games

Make a birthday party game obstacle course throughout your backyard using things like slides, elevated boards, trampoline, big boxes to crawl through and hula hoop course. Compete against teams in this game or against the stopwatch. When they get good at the course make them do it again - walking or running backwards!

Pin the tail on the Donkey Games

Place a poster on the wall and put a piece of tape on the back of each object the children will be pinning on the poster. Blindfold children, spin them around, and point them toward the poster. The child who pins their object closest to the designated spot, is the winner! Tip: Use a poster from your birthday party theme for this game. Examples: Pin the spider on the web, tutu on the ballerina, nose on the clown, X on a treasure map etc.

Tag Gone Wild Games

Kids love to play tag games (one person is “it” and if they touch or tag another person then that person becomes “it”). Here are some fun tag game variations. Use your party theme to make the games extra fun!

Crazy base tag Game - Make bases using birthday party theme objects: maps for a pirate party, tutu’s for a ballerina party, bugs for a nature party etc.

Freeze tag Game - When a child gets tagged they must freeze in that position until they are unfrozen by another player. When “it” freezes everyone they get to pick the next “it”

TV tag Game - When tagged a child must call out a TV character. If they can’t think of one then they become “it”.

Ameba tag Game - When “it” tags someone they hold hands with “it” and both must run after the other children without letting their hands go. Every time a child is tagged they become part of the “it”.

Tunnel Tag Game - After a child is tagged they must stand with their legs apart and freeze until someone crawls though their legs

Those were just a few I found! Good luck!

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